11/18/21 | Linda

Great size

I’m glad they sell jumbo packs as long as it doesn’t get spoilt during shipping however, I really do wish they sold this in senior cat version pouches with same flavours (duck/lamb) in jumbo size!!!!! Please


Last order

Sadly 3 packets were unusable as split - this is the second time this has happened, first time only one packet was damaged. Have always had good service from this company - fast delivery too but am disappointed with this purchase. It may not seem much losing 3 out of 160 however with 4 cats to feed every packet counts. Company has been informed.

06/16/18 | Jane ridley

Not as good as 88

Pouches don’t feel as full as the 88 pack I got last time

10/13/17 | Liz

88 pack is better value

This works out at .246p per pouch, the 88 for £19.99 box is only .227p per pouch!