The last few boxes have come with leaking pouches, some of the pouches stinking and one bloated to twice it's size. Purina admit that some pouches get damaged during manufacture allowing bacteria to enter the pouch. That exposes my cats to potential food poisoning etc. Would I like some vouchers, the answer is no.

Cats won't touch it anymore

This used to be our go to food for all 3 cats. Bought a box of 160 and they now hate it. After the first 40 box we noticed they only ate bits of it (didn't touch the beef at all) choosing to eat more dry. They got really lazy and tired. Now they turn their noses up at it all and just eat dry. Bought a new brand of food and they are happy again. Won't be buying Felix again unfortunately. Back to hunting for a new well priced brand that all 3 cats like.

Makes cats ill

My cat, and other people's, have been seriously ill eating latest recipe. Cost over £600 at vet on tests etc and vet couldn't find cause of weight loss, lethargy, sickness and coughing. All symptoms stop after changing cat food...same for other cat owners. Check FB page cats affected by Felix 😢
12/12/21 | Debbie

Appalling ingredients list

The only reason I gave 2 stars is because my cats do like it. The list of ingredients for Felix is horrible: Meat and animal by-products (incl. 4% chicken), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products, minerals, sugar. Only 4% meat Cats are obligate carnivores, I am truly horrified that I have been feeding this junk to my cats. Even worse than that - Felix adds sugar to the food. Cats do not need sugar. I am weaning my 2 off this junk food and on to healthier meaty foods.
11/18/21 | Linda

Great size

I’m glad they sell jumbo packs as long as it doesn’t get spoilt during shipping however, I really do wish they sold this in senior cat version pouches with same flavours (duck/lamb) in jumbo size!!!!! Please

Last order

Sadly 3 packets were unusable as split - this is the second time this has happened, first time only one packet was damaged. Have always had good service from this company - fast delivery too but am disappointed with this purchase. It may not seem much losing 3 out of 160 however with 4 cats to feed every packet counts. Company has been informed.
03/27/21 | Pat Warman

Change of ingredients

I have bought the 160 pouches size many times, my 5 cats love it,really good value and good size,however the last delivery I have received,the cats wont eat the red pack,its the beef flavour,has it been changed, the colour is noticably pale,there is no smell at all to it,such a shame as it means I have 40 pouches wasted each time,have to give it away or put out for foxes,has anyone else found this ?
10/05/20 | carl humphries

Good Value

Good value - should keep the cats happy for a while - they seem to like Felix.

My Nine Cats love this & so does my purse!

This is a truly excellent opportunity to bulk buy especially when you have many cats. My nine cats will only eat As Good As It Looks Felix pouches, nothing else is guaranteed to be eaten. Zooplus is by far the best value for money and keep an eye on the offers too which makes bulk buying extremely affordable. Free delivery to the door, no hassle, the cats are very happy and so am I, I've saved a fortune!
08/27/19 | Linda hoal

Nine kittens all love it

Good value
07/24/19 | Christine Thompson


No problem with this
01/15/19 | Sarah w

Always one burst

Got this mega pack a few times now as it is good value for money with 5 cats eating it, but there always seems to be one or two pouches leaking!
12/18/18 | Debbie Cooper

Excellent quality and service -cats love it

My 8 all love Felix and this mega pack is ideal for them with a door choice of flavours
08/15/18 | Colin

Sox loves it.....

Excellent variety, great value ....
07/04/18 | Martina FC

Ridiculous Packaging

The food is fine though my cats aren't as keen on the variety in this bumper pack. I don't understand why there is so much packaging - the volume of cardboard is so incredibly wasteful
06/16/18 | Jane ridley

Not as good as 88

Pouches don’t feel as full as the 88 pack I got last time
12/08/17 | Susan cameron

Excellent value

Top high st product at a massive saving on supermarket prices, fast delivery and excellent loyalty rewards. Can't believe we didn't order with you earlier 😀
10/13/17 | Liz

88 pack is better value

This works out at .246p per pouch, the 88 for £19.99 box is only .227p per pouch!
09/10/17 | Barbara Kirkland

mega pack

only 3 flavours in the box tuna cod and chicken disapointed as my cats prefer the meat varieties
07/09/17 | Sarah


My cat loves felix but to get super sized packs usually costs an arm and a leg but here it is more than affordable and I love the point scheme too. Already done two orders and will be doing another at the end of the month.

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