06/15/22 | Monty Gibbon

Ooooh. Tasty jelly.

Two cats. Neither are willing to eat the meaty cubes. Both love the jelly. Liquidised in an attempt to con them into digesting the meat. Neither fell for that trick; flat iut refused. Back to the drawing board. The problem is, I land upon wet or dry food they like. Then, another bulk purchase arrives and they won't touch it; an unannounced recipe change. In general, bulk purchases of any product is a gamble and, gambling in financially dire times is a quandary.
05/26/22 | Chris

My cat has loved this for about a year now

The only food he will eat over and over
05/07/22 | Ellen

Finally a food all my cats can have

I have three indoor Ragdolls that are all 6 years old. One of them has a sensitive stomach so started her on the sensitive food Bozita offers (which is elk). I got the regular elk for the other two. We decided to try the regular elk on our sensitive cat, amazingly she's absolutely fine with it Now they all eat the same food, at long last! And, their gut health has massively improved. They all really love it, and it's much cheaper then what we were getting before (James Well Wellbeloved).

happy kitties, complete nutrition, affordable

I have done a lot of research on making sure this food is complete (although they do also get dry food). Kitties are super happy with this. I mash it up to ensure they don't focus too much on the jelly.
01/15/22 | D Blake

Changed recipe

My cats used to love chicken Bozita but I've just bought a new case and they won't touch it. I'm having to feed it to foxes. Ridiculous
12/11/21 | Helen

Excellent food

I have 3 cats of varying ages. The 2 older ones were swapped from supermarket own brand when another cat was diagnosed with diabetes & I was advised to change food by the vet. (Unfortunately he had to be put down shortly after) The youngest one was started on the kitten food when we got her, but is now on adult food. I have had many cats & fed many foods, over the years & this is the only brand where the cats have gone back to their meat during the day & finished off what was in their bowls.

Bozita tetra packs

My 4 cats have been eating Bozita for a few years now so I am so surprised! What has happened! The ingredients have changed and the Jelly is so thick! Looks like it's full of gelling agent.I won't be buying again!
09/12/21 | Nelly

Avoid!Do not buy!

If I could only give 0stars! Very poor quality food-over praised&over priced &of course the cats are not eating it..
09/06/21 | Melanie Broadhead

Loved by my two Burmese cats

They do especially like the jelly around the meat, but on the whole eat most of the saucer. They love the Elk and also like the rabbit, lamb and mackerel


So PLEASE can We Know WHY the RECIPE has been changed...colour everything different..& my cats know...Is this still BOZITA food?? why would they change something that we buy in good Faith.Can ZOOPLUS please advise & contact them on our behalf?? Thanks

Cat won't eat it

I thought this was a great idea - recyclable, washable packaging and no smelly pouches in my refuse bin. Unfortunately, apart from licking off the jelly, our cat won't eat this. Yours might be less fussy. If you have not given this food to your cat before, I recommend buying a small quantity initially to try it out.
03/11/21 | Marcia Williamson

Great qualiy cat food

My two girls love this & the bulk buy offer is good value for such high protein quality food. Only tried the kitten & salmon versions so far, but they have eaten both no problems at all. Their coats are glossy and they look super healthy! Highly recommended.
02/16/21 | Mark

Diarrhoea and uninterested.

My two ragdolls didn't really like this, they'll eat it if I mix just a teaspoon of it with Smilla or Animonda Carney so at least I won't have wasted my money. After a long time trying them on this it's clear that if I give them any more than 1 teaspoon in a portion it results in liquid poo...
01/14/21 | Camila

Best food and cat loves it

I recently adopted a 6 year old indoor only cat and Did a LOT of research about cat food before deciding on a brand. My cats fur is so shinny and soft, the food is great quality and he pees regularly so he gets enough liquids just from bozita.his favourite flavours are chicken, turkey and duck. My only two critiques are that the feeding guidelines are too much for an indoor cat and this saver pack doesn't allow to mix flavours, otherwise this is a perfect brand
07/06/20 | Jack

Transformed my cat's coat

Very fussy cat who won't touch Animonda, Smilla, Grau... however she loves this and it seems to have cleared up a dandruff problem she was having. Her coat has never been softer. I split one box over 2 days and supplement with some dry food in the evenings
05/31/20 | FionaCatherine Bullock


I have ten very faddy and fussy cats, who through the years have worked their way through nearly all the Zooplus wet meat products. As they tire of each product I became concerned that all my options had expired and there was nothing new to tempt my cats. However, I tried the Bozita chunks in various flavours, I am so happy to say that all my cats love them, such a relief. Also, they are not nasty or dirty to handle, which makes it pleasant for myself.

Good quality, high meat content

Great food - been feeding it for years! One of my floofs has IBD and Bozita works for him. Shame the price has gone up so much so quickly though...
12/28/19 | Pip

Sticking with this

This was my first choice cat food and they love it. I tried another brand that had slightly more protein but they hated it. So this will be our choice. My cats coat is beautiful and they both seem very healthy so I’m happy.


Allergic reaction, my cat throws up and has diarrhea however little is given. Never reached the two week transaction period and waste of money and Zooplus should not sells this, as I’m not the only one with the same issue. I can’t emphasise enough DON’T buy look elsewhere, please learn from my mistake and don’t take the risk.

Hungry cat will eat it but not well fed cats

Bought mixed pack and large megapacks of chicken and beef. We had an outdoor cat that came for food because he was hungry he consumed the Bozita,however, our own three cats would not touch it. I mixed it with their normal food but then they left that. The food its self looked quite well made, If you started your cat off on this then you may well succeed in feeding Bozita, but otherwise you may struggle.

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