02/09/22 | Aleksandra Assiter


Can't believe! My cat is 13y.o and don't like any wet food. Apart from handfeeding her with raw chicken, she eats only dry food and expensive one. Yet she loves Almo nature pacific tuna tin from first smell. I get few tins for my bonus points and I am sold to it. Forever customer. I want her to try them all.

09/08/21 | Porsha

Sparkling empty plate

Got free with rewards. My cat lapped it up. Good quality cat food, looks good, smells good, very healthy food, high protein low fat, good for diets, the price tag says it all


cats don‘t like it

I bought five or six different brands of wet food. This was the cat's least favorite. Every time there's a lot left in the bowl. It looks very strange, white things like grains of rice inside.

09/11/19 | Karen Routledge

Great natural food

I’d tried to find good quality cat foods in the shops, but all were smelly foods, in plastic pouches, that my cat mainly licked off the jelly/gravy and left everything else. She was also often sick. She absolutely LOVES all of the chicken Almo Nature range (chicken is her favourite food!). It genuinely looks like shredded chicken and it doesn’t smell. Finding an animal food that says it’s fit for human consumption says it all. Happy cat and no more wasted food.

09/18/17 | Isa


My 8 yo, extremally fussy cat, just loves it! She's even meowing for more than usual size of portion! It's incredible. Cans are perfect sized. No wasted food. Cat is happy, with shiny coat and full of energy.

01/25/17 | Andrea Abbott


My cats love this especially the chicken and cheese its a great food and cost less than a certain other brand i cant mention great quality food devoured in seconds but knowing full well my cats are having the correct value of meat and protein in their diet I would highly recommend this food

06/09/16 | CJ


My cat is learning to be a real fuss-pot when it comes to food. Flavours she ate a year ago, she turns her nose up at now. But from the Almo brand, pacific tuna is her favourite flavour, she gobbles it down. Happy cat = happy Mum.

11/29/15 | g evans


Bought atlantic tuna and my cat wouldnt touch it- waste of money



My 3 cats are horribly fussy and two of them are on a sensitive diet - so apart from applaws this is the only other food that doesn't send them running to the litter box ! Its got my vote and worth every penny! Also the Almo mini food, perfect size as a treat and contains no junk like some treats.

05/03/15 | Fiona

Cats adore this

Got these as a free sample for ordering over a certain amount to qualify, so pleased I did get them, with fussy cats one waste so much and samples or promotions are so valuable. One of my cats turns her nose up to everything and I was so surprised to see her tuck into this, a hit with some of my cats but not with all, but really pleased the cat in question has found something she likes......it would be nice to have sample of all flavours to try and see if she likes any other flavours!



My 9 month old ragdoll has just eaten a whole can (which is unusual for him to eat wet food at the best of times) of Tuna, Chicken and Cheese. Will be stocking up on this, great product :)

03/08/14 | Cathie

My cats' new favourite food

Sadly even more expensive than Applaws wet food but they really love it!

12/24/13 | Fo Karayanni

Very good quality

Almo Nature is the second high quality wet food in the market (Applaws comes first). There is a high percentage of real meat in the cans, my cats eat it with pleasure and we are all happy. Considering the junk going around in cat food, especially the wet one, Almo Nature is a very good choice. Cats need wet food to get extra water. I have bought Chicken and Tuna, Chicken fillets, & Atlantic Tuna so far. Whatever you buy, you are getting quality food. It then depends on your cat's taste.