02/04/22 | rebecca Healy

Perfect cage

Iv been a bird keeper for some years and by far this is the best cage yet would suggest all bird keepers buy this cage

07/18/21 | Paige

Needs larger access doors near base.

I really like this cage. I have it set up for my zebra finches. It's a lovely big cage nice and roomy for them to fly about in. My only complaint would be that the doors in the lower panel need to be much larger to allow for a good sized bird bath and feed bowls to be removed and cleaned without having to dismantle the cage. I cut a large door in my cage and added a door. I also used a ton of cable ties to give the cage more stability.

07/13/21 | Daniela H

love this cage

very spacious, there is video on youtube how to assemble it. my budgies love it. they prefare to stay in the cage even when cage door are open 24/7. they go out to stretch their wings but very soon return back to cage. its light weight and easily assembled so ideal for me as I need to move often . I recommend this cage. If you set it up correctly birds really flying in the cage. you need to use the space wisely - using the corners and the whole hight of the cage. i recommend this cage

01/17/21 | Robyn

Flimsy and Difficult to Clean

Size wise this is great but it's very flimsy and has very small doors. If you want to clean it or put any big toys or water bowls in you have to take the whole 1m tall cage off of the base. Would not recommend.

10/10/20 | barry pritchard

My new bird cage

I was not thinking the bird cage was going to be that big but to my surprise me and my wife love it the and I got 5 Budgies and I well get one more I well be back to buy more soon. Thank you

10/29/18 | karen kelly

planeta aviary

.the base clips leave 3mm play between the base and the cage, you'll have to rotate the clips 180 degrees to get a snug fit, just be careful when lifting the cage. . you will have to replace all the perches with smaller diameter perches ie, natural branches or rough dowell for small birds (finches). . thin cheap plastic base that would break if you drop it on a hard floor. .the feeders are too big for small birds. .worth £60-75 max

08/05/18 | Sarah


It a very large cage. The downsides to it are the doors are far too small, the cage falls of the stand if you aren't extra careful moving it, it is heavy so not easy to clean as doors are so small hard to get a hoover in.

02/22/17 | Mr David Barker

A great bird cage

I have a slightly older version of this cage,I think it is a really good cage I have linolated parakeets in it,I would say it was big enough for 4parakeets has long as they get on ok.I would highly recommend this cage.