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Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch XL with Run

Product description

Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch XL with Run 4 5
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135 x 115 x 112 cm (L x W x H) (2 parcels*)
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Product description

A double-storey XL hutch with spacious sleeping area & sliding door to the hutch & a close-able hatchway to the large run. Extra storage space under the opening roof. Weather-proof.
The practical Trixie Natura XL Small Pet Hutch with opening roof and large run is a weather-proof lodge for your rabbit and small pets. The spacious sleeping area on the upper floor is separated from the hutch area by a sliding door. The lockable hatchway allows the hutch to be broken into 3 separate areas for separating out individual animals from the group. The narrow bar spacing also makes this hutch ideal for the housing of young and baby small pets.

One particular highlight is that the roof can be completely opened up from on top. This makes for extremely easy access to inside the hutch and the different levels, making for easy cleaning. Under the right side of the roof there is a storage area to keep all your small pet tools and accessories. Two plastic base trays with handholds help you maintain the ideal height of litter and allow for easy cleaning of the hutch and the sleeping area. The numerous different metal barred doors and 1 wooden door make for easy use.

Trixie Natura Small Animal Hutch XL with Run at a glance:

  • A double storey hutch with an opening roof with a sleeping area that be closed off from the large run
  • Ideal for rabbits and small rodents, also suitable for keeping groups of small pets and rearing baby animals
  • An opening roof with weatherproof, sanded roofing felt
  • A large run with a wooden back wall: for shelter from the wind
  • With spacious areas for quiet relaxation with a sliding door to the hutch and a coated, lockable hatchway with a ramp for free movement
  • Easy use with 7 doors and a roof that completely opens up: for quick and easy cleaning and plenty of access
  • Storage space under the right half of the roof with a removable base plate: for storage of cage accessories or other small pet items out from the bad weather
  • 2 removable plastic base trays with handholds
  • A slip-proofed ramp from the sleeping area to the run
  • With stained pine wood
  • Strong metal bars, powder-coated
  • Easy assembly
  • Weather-proof
  • An extendible run with 4 barred doors for flexible use
  • Size:
    • Total size: 135 x 115 x 112 cm (L x W x H)
    • External dimensions excluding the roof overhang: 126.5 x 99 x 100-112 cm (L x W x H)
    • Roof overhang:
      • Front: 9cm; back: 4cm; right: 3.5cm; left: 3.5cm
    • Internal dimensions: total area approx. 2.22m²
      • Run (ground floor): 125 x 95 x 45 cm (L x W x H)
      • Sleeping area (upper floor): 121.5 x 44.5 x 54-62 cm (L x W x H) - (H 42cm under the storage area)
      • Hutch (upper floor): 124 x 50 x 54-62 cm (L x W x H) - (H 42cm under the storage area)
      • Storage area: 58.5 x 96 x 10-19 cm (L x W x H)
    • Doorway- / Entranceway:
      • 4 barred doors with a sliding bolt locks (run, ground floor, 2 x at the front, 1 x at the back, 1 x at the left): 26 x 27 cm (W x H)
      • 2 barred front doors with a wooden frame and a strong screw lock (hutch, upper floor): 50 x 30.7 cm (W x H)
      • 1 wooden door with a strong screw lock (sleeping area, upper floor, left): 50 x 30.7 cm (W x H)
      • 1 sliding door (between the sleeping area and the hutch, upper floor): 50 x 30.7 cm (W x H)
      • 1 hatchway (between the sleeping area and the run): 15 x 40 cm (W x H)
    • Bars:
      • Bar spacing: 2 x 9 cm
      • Bar thickness: vertically approx. 2mm / horizontally approx. 3mm
  • Accessories:
    • Removable plastic tray with handholds at the side (sleeping area): 108.3 x 42.6 x 5.7 cm (L x W x H) (Tray depth: approx. 5cm)
    • Removable plastic tray with handholds at the front (hutch area): 115 x 52.8 x 57 cm (L x W x H) (Tray depth: approx. 5cm)
    • A sanded wooden ramp (to connect the upper and lower floors): 94 x 14.7 cm (L x W)

Please ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercise. In addition to your pet's XL hutch, we recommend you provide a run for daily exercise.

For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached "Hutch and Runs Information".

*Please note that this product is dispatched in more than one parcel. It is therefore possible that individual parcels will arrive on different days.


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