Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil

: 4/5
Pure salmon oil for dogs and cats, with a high content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help support natural skin function and a glossy coat, as well as supporting natural body defences....further information
Product description
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
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Product description

Pure salmon oil for dogs and cats, with a high content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help support natural skin function and a glossy coat, as well as supporting natural body defences.

A delicious supplementary food that can help provide your dog or cat with beneficial nutrients, this Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil is an appetite-boosting topping that can be served with your pet's daily food to help support wellbeing.
This high-quality supplement is made of pure salmon oil and offers various unsaturated omega fatty acids. This can help to support natural skin function and promote smooth, glossy coat. Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil can also help to support a healthy immune system and is suitable for offering your pet a nutrient-boost if it is recovering or during the colder months.

Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil at a glance:

  • Supplementary food for dogs and cats
  • Ideal for pregnant pets
  • Pure salmon oil: particularly high content of beneficial unsaturated omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Grain free: can also be fed to dogs with allergies or food intolerances
  • Skin and coat: promotes a smooth, glossy coat and healthy skin function
  • Immune-boosting effect: to support a healthy immune system and bodily defences
  • Nutrient-rich: provides EPA and DHA, essential for many vital bodily functions such as joint metabolism
  • Appetite-boosting: suitable as a tasty supplement for fussy dogs or cats and those with appetite loss
  • In practical pump bottle: to evenly distribute over your pet's food


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Salmon oil, natural antioxidants.

Additives per kg:
According to the manufacturer this product contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

fat99.0 %
omega-3 fats14.0 %
omega-6 fats13.0 %
eicosapentaenoic acid 4.6 %
docosahexaenoic acid 5.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

Dog's Weight Pumps Teaspoon
5kg 2 1
10kg 3.5 1.5
15kg 5 2
20kg 6 2.5
25kg 7.5 3
30kg 8.5 3.5
35kg 9.5 4
40kg 10.5 4
45kg 11.5 4.5
50kg 12.5 5


Cat's Weight Pumps Teaspoon
2kg 1 0.5
4kg 1.5 0.5
6kg 2 1
8kg 3 1
10kg 3.5 1.5


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Latest user reviews

09/05/23 | Lauren
: 5/5

Dogs love it

We have a senior Staffy and a middle aged Chihuahua and they both love it. It has made their coats so soft and I've read that Salmon oil is also good for all sort of things (internal and external). I haven't experienced any leaking from the bottles etc. They have feeding guidance on the bottle. Very happy 😊
03/04/22 | Becca
: 5/5


Having used this product for 6 months on my American Bulldog I can say that her coat is so soft and shiny even through the winter months, now as it's starting to warm up her coat is still gorgeous and her skin is very healthy! What I will say is GRADUAL INTRODUCTION. I started with 1 pump in the morning and one at night then over the course of 10 days, I give her 5 pumps with breakfast and 5 pumps in the evening with dinner. I will definitely be keeping her on this product :)
30/03/22 | Rose Gray
: 5/5

Good value

I have been giving this oil to 2 of my whippets who have sensitive skin and stomachs. I only use a very small amount but it has definitely improved their coats and not upset their tummies. The dispenser is good when you want to regulate the amount you are giving.
28/01/22 | kate
: 1/5

poor is way to much !!!!

After reading all reviews I decided to give it to my senior dog... the worst idea I could ever have!!! Poor dog is vomiting sincei give it to him!!! I did it once... smell - disgusting even for me!! My dog did give back all the food, all water he drink!!! Now waiting for vet appointment so see what next!!! PLEASE DISCUSS WITH YOUR VET BEFORE YOU WILL HURT YOUR FURRY FRIEND !!!!
19/10/21 | Philip Black
: 5/5

Ferrets love it

All of ferrets love it and wait for me to get up for their breakfast oil!
04/08/21 | Tabby
: 1/5

My cats hated it

I tried my cats on a different brand initially but loved the idea of this having a pump. However, this was not as viscous and did not have an inviting fishy odour like the other brand. I tried to force it on them and even managed 1/2 a bottle but threw away so much food so I just gave it away to my Mum for her dogs.
03/08/21 | Charlie
: 1/5

Cat won’t eat it

Unfortunately don’t know whether it works or not, as my cat won’t go near anything I put it on. I even tried putting it on the floor in front of him and he ran away! The bottle is also tiny, and had leaked everywhere in transit
: 5/5


My cats and dog love this. Pump top works well.
: 1/5

Cats don’t want this at all

Waste of money for me
18/04/21 | vicki
: 4/5

my cats love it

wow, considering how picky my cats are they absolutely love this salmon oil and wolfed all their food down no problems, usually they eat some and leave some, and all 4 cats including one with many allergies and a sensitive tummy even loves it and can tolerate it too, I cant wait to see any differences in a few weeks time, I've even bought mum and dads cats a bottle too.
13/08/20 | Linda Adair Whittaker
: 5/5

My dogs love this and it helps keep thier coats shining

I first purchased this a few years ago as a supplement to keep my dogs coats healthy, however it is used regularly to entice them to eat their kibble when they dont feel very hungry, they would eat pretty much anything with it on!
: 1/5

Very poor quality

Watery oil if that could exist. Dogs coat and skin deteriorated since start using. Only choice on Zooplus so back to ordering off of Amazon
: 5/5

Mr P

this oil is brilliant its really helping my dog move more freely. The first order the bottle was broken but they replaced it with no fuss. can't Knock the service
11/07/19 | David
: 4/5

Good product but useless spray

Our dogs seem to enjoy this oil and we have used it for several years. Unfortunately the change from pump to spray dispenser is very inconvenient for owners of larger dogs. I would have to press this button 168 times for my 25 and 35 kg dogs so I just keep reusing the last pump and hope it holds up. Please change it back.
05/06/19 | Fatima
: 5/5

My dogs love it!!

Great product! My dogs finish every last bit of food when I put the oil on, I don’t mind the new spray nozzle either. Highly recommended
18/05/19 | Judith
: 3/5

I hate the new pump head

The pump head is a constant battle to use and I use to buy this brand all the time, but now I'm going to try a different brand!
: 5/5

Very pleased!

Have been using this on my Daisy for the past few weeks and it has worked wonders on her dry flaky coat. Don’t use the spray , just a teaspoon as per the amount on the bottle. My other two cats also like it, they all take in their food with no problem, so shall keep using it as a supplement to their diet. Glad I discovered this product
25/04/19 | Sunny Dancer
: 5/5

Mine came with pump top

Mine came with pump mechanism - I attached straw which seemed too long but bends within bottle. (I also eventually discovered that to release the pump top one needs to pull up the first time before pumping down.) I bought the salmon oil to support my dog's immune system and product has had an immediate effect on bringing down my dog's allergic spot on nose, which she had had for some time.
29/03/19 | Melissa rose
: 3/5

Please change to the pump again

Both my Rotties love this and their coats are lovely and shines and their skin flake free. My only negative is that doing 113 sprays for each of my dogs is exhausting! The pump was so much better. I have to use a spoon now which means my measurements are most likely off. Please consider changing the spray nossal as this would have been 5 star.
: 4/5

Spray top useless, but product itself seems good

As with other reviews, the spray top is pretty useless. I just unscrew it and pour it over the dog's food. Dog (ridgeback) is happy whatever method it goes on. And his coat is lovely and shiny (gets a lot of compliments when we're out and about) Very good for disguising the taste of medicine too.