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Trixie USB Flash Light Collar - Green

Product description

Trixie USB Flash Light Collar - Green 4 8
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M-L: 50cm x 18mm (L x Diameter)
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L-XL: 70cm x 18mm (L x Diameter)
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Product description

Keep your dog safe at night with this green rechargeable LED collar. Made of silicone, with a static or flashing light function, this collar can be charged by USB (cable included). Fully adjustable.
Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Green helps keep your dog safe on dark winter evenings. This collar has an approximate 500m visibility, and glows brightly for up to 4 hours on the flashing light mode or for 2.5 hours on the static light mode. This means your dog is clearly visible to you and other road users, which helps to keep your pet safe on gloomy days.

Once the LED lights from the collar start to become dim, the Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Green can be simply recharged via the handy USB port. There is also a USB cable included in delivery.

This luminous collar is made from water-resistant silicone and the USB port is protected from the rain, making this collar perfect for everyday use – no matter how bad the weather is!

To get the perfect fit, simply cut the collar with scissors to the length required. The right place to cut is marked with a sticker showing a pair of scissors. The collar should fit your dog’s neck comfortably and shouldn’t be too tight. The collar has a push catch silicone closure to keep it secure.

With just a click, you can set one of the two light modes. The flashing light mode lasts for up to 4 hours, whereas the static light mode last for up to 2.5 hours.

Trixie USB Flash Light Collar – Green at a glance:

  • LED flash light collar for dogs
  • Integrated USB port: for effortless battery charging
  • Made from weatherproof silicone: ideal for everyday use in the colder months
  • Splash-proof: USB port is protect from the rain
  • Fully adjustable: cut with scissors to get the perfect fit
  • Safety features:
    • Glows bright in the night or in bad weather
    • Approximately 500m visibility
    • Luminosity lasting for up to 4 hours
  • Two light modes: flashing light mode (up to 4 hours battery life) or static light mode (up to 2.5 hours battery life)
  • USB cable included: the collar can be easily recharged
  • Push catch silicone closure
  • Materials:
    • Collar: silicone
    • Lights: LEDs (x12)
  • Colour: green
  • Charge via: USB
  • Diameter: 18mm

Size guide:

Fully adjustable – cut with scissors to fit.

Size Length
XS-S 35cm
M-L 50cm
L-XL 70cm


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