Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry

: 4/5
Grain-free premium dry cat food, it is ideal for adult cats with nutritional sensitivities. Made with delicious poultry, this tasty kibble contains vital vitamins and nutrients and is easy to digest....further information
Product description
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
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Product description

Grain-free premium dry cat food, it is ideal for adult cats with nutritional sensitivities. Made with delicious poultry, this tasty kibble contains vital vitamins and nutrients and is easy to digest.

Smilla Sensitive - Grain-free Poultry complete dry cat food at a glance:

  • Grain-free recipe for optimum acceptability and nutritional tolerance
  • Contains essential taurine which supports cardiac function and vision
  • Omega fatty acids: Omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids support shiny fur and skin metabolism
  • With natural plant fibres which aid hairball expulsion and help reduce hairball formation
  • Easy to digest and well tolerated helps to aid ideal nutrient absorption
  • With Yucca extract which helps to reduce stool odour
  • No artificial colours, attractants or preservatives
  • Practical, re-sealable packet - simply open and let your cat enjoy a fresh meal, every time!
Smilla Sensitive - Grain-free Poultry is a premium complete food for adult cats with nutritional sensitivities. The tasty, grain-free recipe is packed with easy to digest poultry and also contains all the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs. It provides your cat with a balanced, appetising meal and helps to promote general well-being.


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34% poultry protein (dried, proportionally hydrolysed), potato flakes, dried potatoes, greaves, poultry fat, beef fat, beet molasses (de-sugared and dried), apple pomace (dried), linseed, sodium chloride, yeast (extracted and dried), 0.03% yucca schidigera (dried)

Energy per kg:
ME (FEDIAF, 2019) 15.94 MJ / 3809 kcal

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 18,000 IU, vitamin D3 1,800 IU, vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 100mg, folic acid 3mg, biotin 700mcg, taurine 1. 000mg, DL-methionine 4500mg, iron (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate) 125mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 100mg, copper (copper sulphate, pentahydrate) 12mg, manganese (manganese oxide) 15mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1.5mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.15mg
Technological additives: Antioxidants, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils

Analytical constituents

protein30.0 %
fat15.0 %
fibre2.0 %
ash7.5 %
calcium1.2 %
phosphorus0.8 %
moisture9.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Smilla Sensitive Grain-Free Poultry is a complete dry food for adult cats.
Food quantities given are recommendations only and should be adjusted according to the individual needs in order to maintain ideal body weight.
This food should be served dry. Please make sure your pet always has fresh drinking water.

Feeding recommendation in g/day
Cat's weight Sterilised cats Active cats
3kg 30 - 40g 55g
4kg 35 - 50g 65g
5kg 40 - 60g 75g
6kg 45 - 65g 85g
7kg 50 - 75g 95g


Smilla Adult Sensitive - Grain-Free Poultry
: 4/5
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: 5/5
Brilliant Cheaper Alternative
I had my cats on Royal Canin Digest Sensitive for a long time because its high protein, grain free and they both had sensitive tummies but the cost was becoming extortionate at £75 for 10kg, I just couldn't do it anymore. I wanted something which was grain free, protein rich but kinder on my purse strings and this product is the one! Both cats loved it so needed no gradual transition at all! And they have still got happy tummies!!
10/03/24|Yukon Attila
: 5/5
Smilla grain free
Our cats love it always but this very good value for money
: 3/5
Was not so sure
Our cat was eating this food for years no issue....and recently he has developed an allergy to it and started to loose some fur with itchy skin. I am aware that cats can develop allergies to any food after a number of years but I was quite disappointed. My other cats coat also became a bit dull. Switched to a slightly more pricey grain free and the issues have stopped. Shame really as price wise this is excellent...however the remaining bag is going to my garden hedgehogs instead.
: 5/5
Cats love it
I have 6 cats, and all of them happily eat this food. One specifically needs a sensitive diet, and I have found that this, along with smilla wet (tins), helps with his digestion issues. Having 6 cats all eating the same thing is a miracle in itself. I found that with feeding smilla, my cats eat less because of the high quality of the ingredients. I have been feeding my cats smilla for over 4 years now and have no intention of stopping.
: 5/5
Bubbly tummy made better
I changed my cats to this food as one of my boys was having terrible tummy trouble and was struggling to maintain weight. He would lay on my bed at night passing wind which stunk and you could literally hear his tummy gurgling away. It kept me awake it was so bad! I like this food is grain, wheat, additive free. He settled and his weight is back on and all my other cats love the biscuits too. All my cats are feral rescues and I now have 3 new additions which are on the kitten version too
: 3/5
Not the one
I'm afraid my little feline tried it ate some, again only for a day or two and then she showed absolutely no interest in it this is the third time with 3 different complete dry food.
: 2/5
Made poo smell worse!
My cats needed some more grain-free biscuits as the odd 'topper' to their wet food. They enjoy Smilla in cans so thought I'd get them this. Well, if anything, it's made my 10 y/o girl cats poo very runny, and it smells something awful. We perhaps thought it was just a coincidence but we took her off the dried food for a few days and then gave her a little and well, within the hour she was using her litter box and the whole house smelled really bad. It's a shame, but it is a let down.
: 3/5
Need to bring out the 10kg bag
Glad got grain free version! This is good food but seriously needs to be in the10kg bags like the rest of smilla ones as I have to buy in bulk for multicats also doing the deal on 2 x 10kg bags. Sadly I have to buy the other smilla ones as more for money
: 5/5
So good
From having a cat who throws up daily from eating supermarket bought food to eating this has really helped his stomach and is maintaining a healthy weight ☺️
: 5/5
Love this
Bought this for my cat who threw up daily eating supermarket crap to this has saved us, we only now have furballs with is very rare! Two 4kg bags last forever with three cats too, definitely cheaper and better than what you get in the supermarket!
: 5/5
Cats seem to tolerate it well
I find it hard to find a decent food for my cats as they're all so different in what they like and what they can tolerate. Three of them can't have anything too rich and one of those is allergic to several things. Whiskas was the only thing they've manged to tolerate out of about 10 different foods and even then the youngest had a reaction every now and then. This food has gone down a treat with everyone and no one has vomited. Their poops do still smell but it's not foul.
05/10/22|Nina Harrison
: 1/5
Very disappointed
I always try to feed my 5 cats with the best cat food I can afford. I've been feeding Smilla wet cans as that's what my ragdoll was fed on with his breeder and the other 3 seemed to do well on it. I supplement with dry too as we go away a lot and one cat refuses to eat anything other than kibble.. Unfortunately, this dry food has given 4 out of 5 cats blood in their stool, diarrhea, and vomiting. Not just a speck of blood either. So I've had to take them off this and find an alternative :(
: 1/5
Cannot recommend
My cats usually like food and treats from Smila, but not this. Both my boys had a bad reaction to this food and it caused blood in their poop. I didn't use much of the bag and I had to throw away quite a lot. My mum's cat had the same experience with this food.
26/03/22|P crane
: 3/5
Smelly poops
My cats love this but when they go to the tray for poops they absolutely stick the house out. I did have them Harrington's
: 1/5
Weight loss on Grain Free Option
We switched to this believing it was better for our cats to eat grain free. Over several months all 5 have lost a considerable amount of weight, their coats lacklustre. . We've switched back to our original food.
30/10/21|Paula crane
: 5/5
Great food
All my cats have sensitive tummies so I purchased this to see how they faired ,no vomiting no dicky tummies. Kibbles are good size not tiny but small ,it doesn't smell overpowering like a lot do ,cats love it and I can see they are happy .will definitely continue purchasing this food .
25/11/20|lynda christine hillman
: 3/5
Cats did not really like it
The cats ate it but they did not woof it down like some brands one of the two tends to vomit if food is too rich that is why sensitive was chosen for his sensitive tummy
12/10/20|Natalie Morten
: 5/5
My cats love this
One of my cats kept being sick on food that had rice in it so changed to this and she is rarely sick now and loves it and also my other two cats like is aswell.
: 5/5
Greedy sensitive cat!
I have a large Ginger tom, who scoffs food, wet or dry, but always had an issue with biscuits as would regurgitate them, shortly after digesting, after trying various things vets suggested, I took it upon myself to try grain free, just to see if it made a difference, or if he is just greedy, ordered the offer of 2 x 4k bags, to really trial it, so far so good, all round he looks far healthier, and is no longer regurgitating anything, (His sister loves them too)
: 4/5
So far so good
One of my cats started having some allergies so is on special hydrolised food which my other cat doesn’t like. Trying this out since it seems to be hydrolised so it’s safe for the allergic cat in case she gets a bit of his. I just gave some to my cat and he absolutely wolfed it down! He has a sensitive tummy so I’ll have to wait and see if this food agrees with his stomach but so far it seems delicious and amazing value.