Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat

: 5/5
A complete grain-free food for cats who are prone to weight gain, such as neutered or indoor cats. It is also suitable for cats aged 1 year + or senior cats aged 7 years +....further information
Product description
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat
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£7.10 / kg

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Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat

- 4kg

RRP* £29.99
Our Price £28.39
£7.10 / kg

Product description

A complete grain-free food for cats who are prone to weight gain, such as neutered or indoor cats. It is also suitable for cats aged 1 year + or senior cats aged 7 years +.

A complete, super premium pet food for adult cats that are less active, overweight or prone to weight gain such as neutered or indoor cats. Although lower in calories and fat than our standard diet, generous helpings of fresh chicken provide a healthy yet delicious meal.

Free from grains and cereals to more closely reflect a cats natural diet, while providing the balanced nutrition required for our domesticated feline friends.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Containing a unique blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your pet. Including prebiotics to aid digestion, joint supplements, taurine for a healthy heart, sight and nervous system; essential fatty acids to help promote a healthy skin and coat, cranbeerry extract for urinary tract health, natural fibres to help prevent fur balls.

Contains 26% chicken and 22% chicken meat meal.
Grain free recipe - no added cereals or grains.
Includes prebiotics, joint supplements, krill and yucca extract.
Naturally hypoallergenic - free from wheat-gluten, beef, soya or dairy products.


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Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 30%, Fat Content 11%, Crude Ash 7.5%, Crude Fibres 2.4%, Calcium 1.4%, Phosphorus 0.9%, Taurine 1000mg/kg, Omega-3 1%, Omega-6 4.3%.

Fresh chicken (26%), potato (26%), chicken meat meal (22%), pea starch, egg powder, chicken digest, krill, yeast extract, malt extract, pea fibre, chicken oil, minerals, prebiotic FOS, prebiotic MOS, cranberry extract, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, nucleotides, rosemary extract..

Nutritional Additives (per kg):
Vitamins: Vitamin A 28,000 IU, Vitamin D3 2,000 IU, Vitamin E 200 IU.

Trace Elements:
Zinc (as zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate) 90mg, Copper (II) (as copper chelate of amino acid hydrate) 8mg, Manganese (as manganese chelate of amino acid hydrate) 6mg, Iodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous) 1.5mg. Antioxidant (natural mixed tocopherols).

Analytical constituents

protein30.0 %
fat11.0 %
fibre2.4 %
ash7.5 %
calcium1.4 %
phosphorus0.9 %
omega-3 fats0.2 %
omega-6 fats1.8 %
taurine1000.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's Feeding Recommendation:
Divide into 2 meals per day or allow your cat to feed freely throughout the day. May be fed dry or with warm water added. If warm water is added, free feeding should not apply. Always ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available.

Please note: age, activity level, temperament, digestion and rate of metabolism may influence the amount of food required.
Cat's Weight
Weight Maintenance
(grams per day)
Weight Reduction
(grams per day)
1 18-29 20
2 28-46 35
3 37-61 45
4 44-74 55
5 52-86 60
6 58-97 70
7 65-108 80
8 113 100
9 125 111


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Arden Grange Light Chicken & Potato - Adult Cat

Latest user reviews

27/06/23 | Cheryl
: 1/5

Not great

Unfortunately none of mine liked this one been sick and got diareah since first day fully eating this .
13/02/23 | Celia Bouquet
: 3/5

Change of recipe?

My cat has had this for a few years - progressing from the normal one. The biscuits were rough and always very ‘chickeny’ on my fingers. Now I’ve got 8kg the biscuits are smooth and shiny and not chickeny at all. My cat doesn’t like them and neither do I !! I won’t buy anymore
: 5/5

Great value

I decided to try this product because of the good ingredient list and because I was looking for something good for my chubby baby... It's very easy to change food with her, as she's very glutton... Unexpectedly, my second baby cat, which is very fussy with food, she liked it very much as well! Very happy, I would definitely recommend it
28/12/20 | Debs
: 3/5

Smells awful

My 6 cats range in age from 14 yo down to 20 months. They were refusing their usual food so I tried this as was recommended by a friend. They ate it OK for a couple of days. The smell though is overpowering and fills the house. Won't be buying again as it smells like when a mouse has been left to die under the sofa - trust me it's not pleasant.
05/07/16 | Steven moore
: 5/5

They love it

Wow we've finally got something all our cats like ticks the boxes on all fronts
17/02/16 | Christine Anderson
: 5/5

Sensitive cat

My cat was losing weight and fur, vet said he had IBS. I did my research, thought it would allergy free food, came across Arden Grange and he is now fat, furry and happy. Change was amazing. Obviously, he had an allergy. This stuff is excellent and a lot more value for money compared to what the vet tries to sell you.
14/02/16 | LISA
: 5/5


: 5/5

Finally !

I am currently searching for good kibble for my cat because she has put on weight recently (she lives in the apartment). I've just seen this and the ingredients are outstanding ! I was very surprised to see fresh meat among the list. As soon as I have finished the bag of ProPlan I'll be sure to switch over to this! And what's more, it's actually cheaper!!
Originally published in
14/01/16 | Fiona Lester
: 5/5

Best Cat Food.

I feed this to my 4 cats. They are fab on it. Coats are beautiful (Ragdoll breed) and it doesn't cause UTI problems in 2 of mine who cannot usually eat dry food because of UTIs. I would never take them off this.
11/10/15 | Sharon Rees
: 5/5

Arden Grange Fish & Potato dry cat food

This food has helped both my cats. The youngest had been stressed out so bad this year with cat fleas (tried everything ) that she was over grooming and pulling clumps of fur out and was bringing up so many fur balls that made her throat and tummy sore I got in touch with a shop supplier I get their food from and he said to try this as there were no grains or wheat to irritate her belly and throat . I put a dish down for each of them they sniffed and started to eat straight away. That's a first in a long time that any of my animals have not had to be coaxed into eating something new. It's not a very delightful smelling food but who cares when their little noses pick up the smell and they dive straight in and enjoy their meal.
03/05/15 | Gabby
: 5/5

Fantastic, good quality, grain free, cruelty free food!

I've tried a lot of high nutrition brands with my cats, from Royal Canin, Hills and James Wellbeloved to Sanabelle, Orijen and Applaws. But I never found one that ticked ALL my boxes until Arden Grange! Cruelty free company. Grain free receipes. Full menues (no vague ingredients like "meat" that could be changed from chicken to beef at any time). Made in the UK. Hypoallergenic. High meat content (no meat derivatives or meat meal etc). AND good value for money!
: 5/5

Cat's choice

I adopted a 6 month old kitten who was brought up on value range wet food. I decided to try him on a dry diet (and fresh meat) instead. I brought arden grange and applaws to see if he had a preference. AG won hands down. He will only eat the applaws I have left, if I add AG into the mix. Needless to say I will continue with AG until Teddy says otherwise.
: 5/5

Very good product

Being used to RoyalCanin, Almonature and Hills, I decided to give these a go. My cats absolutely devoured them, there has been no increase in vomitting or hairballs, in fact I'd even say it has gone down! No more diarrhea or moles. Excellent value for money, especially when they're on offer!
Originally published in
06/01/15 | Debbie
: 5/5

My cat absolutely refuses to eat anything else!

My cat has been eating this since as long as I can remember! It used to be available in Waitrose but suddenly stopped being stocked which put me in a panic, as she refuses to eat ANYTHING else!!! So pleased to be able to buy it here, the best price by far. She is 9 this year and looks a picture, always happy and healthy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
17/03/14 | Rachel Lally
: 5/5

fussy cats dived straight in

My fussy eaters love this food. Having been indoor cats for a while they gained weight and I was worried about changing their diet as they turn their nose up at most brands. Really pleased they tuck into this one, and I like the company ethics so happy all round!
14/03/14 | Paul Wilson
: 5/5

Weight control

Fantastic food for weight control and weight maintenance. Our Toby has been on it now for 4 months, loves it, keeps him full and has helped keep his weight in check. (Do they do a human variety? LOL) Coat beautiful and glossy, picture of health. Highly recommended.