Catit Design Senses Food Maze

Diameter 24cm x H 33cm
: 4/5
A feeding station and an interactive toy in one. Encourage your cat to think and to be agile with this great feeding station. With three variable levels of difficulty....further information
Product description
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
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Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
Catit Design Senses Food Maze
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Diameter 24cm x H 33cm232754.0

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Catit Design Senses Food Maze - Diameter 24cm x H 33cm
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Product description

A feeding station and an interactive toy in one. Encourage your cat to think and to be agile with this great feeding station. With three variable levels of difficulty.

The Catit Design Senses Food Maze will help to keep your cat on its toes, mentally and physically. And it can feed at the same time. The innovative Catit Design Senses Food Maze challenges various senses. Your cat will be kept amused for ages, will not gobble its food and will also have fun while eating. This is a great way to make sure your cat does not get bored.

Your cat has very developed senses. Their sensitive hearing can pick up things which we can’t and they can see things we can only imagine. And we can only start to guess at what they are able to smell and taste.

Your cat can put its paws into the side openings and is able to move the food through the labyrinth. The food falls out at the bottom into a feeding bowl where your cat can feed from. You can increase the challenge by turning the disc on the middle level. This will reduce the size of the gap where the food falls through and will increase the level of difficulty.

The included acupressure mat gently massages the pressure points in your cat’s paws and also ensures that the feeding labyrinth is steady.
The Maze is easy to clean and comes apart in individual pieces making it easy to clean off any muck.

Catit Design Senses Food Maze at a glance:

  • Diameter of feeding bowl: apprx. Ø 24 x H 33 cm
  • Base tray dimensions: Ø 24 x H 3.2 cm
  • Base tray capacity: apprx. 350ml
  • Side openings:
    • Top approx. L 12 x H 4 cm
    • Middle approx. L 12 x H 4 cm
    • Lower approx. L 10 x H 3.5 cm
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • With acupressure mat
  • Increases your cat’s agility
  • Uses your cat’s sense of taste and feeling
  • Great mental challenge
  • Keeps your cat amused so it eats more slowly
May be combined with Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, Catit Design Senses Tempo Play Track, Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad and Massage Centre.


Catit Design Senses Food Maze
: 4/5
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13/03/24|Amanda Sluman
: 5/5
No gorging
This puzzle feeder is perfect makes it so neat around the house and no gorging on loose biscuits
: 5/5
Great to slow down eating
We’ve used this with 4 different cats. The floppy base that comes with it can be disposed off. If your cat is more than 4kg, or particularly clever, it is possible they may try to knock it over. I stopped this by putting a chair leg in one side of the base. Particularly dumb cats won’t be able to work this out. Our late great big dumb bruiser could only use the bottom tier. But even our latest 8mth olds have worked it out. Definitely better than free feeding.
22/10/23|R jones
: 1/5
Falls over - pointless
Nice idea, poor execution. Wouldn’t have been difficult to design it so it doesn’t fall over every time my cat wants to get a treat. Pretty ridiculous to be honest
: 1/5
Ended up just gathering dust. Sharp edges. Takes up a lot of space, falls over.
Only 1 of our 3 cats showed an interest, and that was short lived! She would scoop the treats towards her and over the edge, unless they got stuck in a groove. The top 'lid' didn't really fit adequately, and the plastic edges around the holes where cats push their paws through are rather sharp and scratchy. It's big and cumbersome and the dog knocked it over all the time. If you have a cat that loves it, and uses it a lot, cleaning it is will be awkward with the scratchy edges.
19/11/22|Crazy cat lady
: 5/5
Fantastic alternative for dry food bowl!
My plush is not only big boy overall, but also recently started to get a big chubby - so I was looking for something to slow him down a bit. This is absolutely amazing alternative to standard bowl - gets him to exercise a little, and prevents from gulping all the food at once! The only concern is that the base is too light - I block it by sliding the edge a little bit under the nearby cupboard, so he can’t flip it over with all his weight of furry tank :P
: 5/5
My cat loves this
He loves this, he has worked out how to shake it enough to get jackpot drop without pulling the whole thing down.
: 4/5
Great fun and slowed down a greedy cat
I wasn't sure whether my 2 senior cats would like this, but I'm trying it for one who eats too fast and sometimes regurgitates. I put it up today, added dry biscuits and a few treats in the top and around the base, and used my fingers to show him how to move the food. He had it worked out in a couple of minutes and was having as much fun dropping the food as eating it. And he was actually chewing! The base mat is mis-shaped and won't lay flat though so I'm not using it; hence only 4*
: 5/5
Great product
Good quality, stands up to being fought over by my 5 cats, only gets knocked over very occasionally. Love that you can make it harder/easier for them
26/09/20|Victoria D'Arcy
: 5/5
Hilarious and Effective
I have 3 cats, all of whom were getting a bit chubby. I thought I'd give this a go as 2 of them are quite clever and I thought it might slow them down. Turns out the cat I thought was a bit dense took to it straight away and sits there methodically for ages. The other cat smacks it so hard the biscuits fly out all over the kitchen, so he has to hunt around to find them all. The last one took TWO YEARS to work it out! Funny to watch and it definitely slows them down.
: 5/5
Great item - hilarious to watch cats use it!
I've known several other cats enjoy this maze, so I got one for my indoor cats, partly to give them something to do, and partly to try and slow down their eating. It works on both counts, and it's fun watching the cats try to get the biscuits out as quickly as possible! Mine are smart enough to have figured out that it can be rocked over (like a vending machine) if they stand upright and push, or hook their paws through the sides. It now takes them 10 minutes to eat their biscuits, instead of 2.
: 3/5
Fairly good
It's easy for the cats to topple it over (or just shake it for food to come out!) so have had to get tape out to stick it to something heavier and the bottom level is a bit too low for their interest. I will see if I can put it on a stool or something to raise it up. Obviously does cut down food intake and makes them think :)
: 5/5
The smart one gets it
So we've got one big, fat, stupid cat, and one small, thin, clever cat. If we leave kibble out for the thin cat, the fat cat eats it. But you know what he's not good at? Figuring this one out. The thin one got her head around it, using her paws to fish out or knock down kibbles, but the big one can barely fish out the ones that have fallen. So the thin cat can munch when she wants and the fat one can't get to her food! Strangle he hasn't figured out how to get the kibble stuff inside the tree...
: 5/5
Slows down cats who gobble dry food.
The food maze slows Luna, my cat who would normally gobble her crunchy food pellets down, and makes her have think a bit about how she reaches them. She's quite a dab hand at scooping up the pellets individually in her paw and it's fun to watch and guess which one she'll go for next!
: 4/5
Good product
Hilarious to watch them around the Maze as my young one, who is the hunter, is also deaf! He found out immediately how to paw out the treats but could not hear them falling down. My older chubby boy was patiently waiting for the other one to do the work and eat the fallen treats! Good product, had to spend sometime to teach them how to use it as they chubby one was too bored to bother and the deaf one could not hear the reward falling! Eventually the deaf learnt the process well!
13/11/17|Tara Dawson
: 3/5
Great product but needs to be heavier!
My cats enjoyed using this however they worked out way too quickly that due to it being so light in weight they could just pull it over and get at the food that way. Fab product but definitely needs to have a heavier base to withstand greedy cats!
03/06/17|Estefania Veira
: 5/5
Cats like it.
: 2/5
Cats can suss this one out, easy!
My cats pulled this over and gobbled up all the food which was scattered all over the floor. Nice idea but perhaps could be redesigned with a heavier base.
31/03/17|Emma Hunt
: 5/5
A true life-saver for obese cats.
I decided I had to do something for my obese cat as I sadly lost one podgy puss and felt completely responsible for his early demise. I didn't want to go too aggressive with it so I opted to letting her get her food whenever she wanted from the feeder and a healthy portion of wet food once a day. She is no longer fat. She plays, climbs my 5ft fences with ease and can clean her bits. I really didn't see this happening but once I saw the changes in her habits and activities, it has probably been a life-saver. Just like people, she has to deal with a bit of extra skin and will probably always have an enormous appetite but she's taken to this really well. I've learned a lesson the hard way so please...if you see your cat's weight get out of control, use a good quality obesity cat food and give this a go. You won't regret it. I'm now about to purchase a second one for upstairs. Thanks to CatIt for your continued innovative products.
: 1/5
Great Idea... unfortunately not a great product
Too light; my cats tip it over very easily so it doesn't keep them occupied or engaged for long.
: 4/5
Its alright
My cat sees the treats so be goes for it and eats one then stop getting them unless you tap inside it and sometimes gives up on getting them. Other then that it sometimes keeps the cat busy