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Canary Food

Canaries require a specially balanced dietary mix of seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Here you'll find a complete selection of canary food to keep your singer healthy and active.
2 products
2 products

Versele Laga

Orlux Frutti Patee Concentrated Feed

Concentrated feed for seed-eating budgies/small parakeets, canaries and exotic birds, it is specifically developed to meet the high energy requirements of these birds.

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2 Varieties from
£2.99 £1.20 / 100g
Economy Pack: 3 x 250g
individually priced £8.97 Now£8.49 £11.32 / kg

High-quality, balanced bird food, specially designed to meet the needs of canaries, seed mix enriched with extruded VAM pellets, supports overall well-being

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2 Varieties from
£7.79 £3.12 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 2.5kg
individually priced £15.58 Now£14.49 £2.90 / kg

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