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Hill's pet food is based on scientific knowledge and anticipates the changing nutritional needs of animals. Hill's pet food is developed by over 220 veterinarians, nutritionists and food engineers with doctorates and is recommended by veterinarians. It is scientifically designed to meet the unique needs of pets at every stage of life.

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It all starts at Hill's Global Pet Nutrition Centre (PNC), which helps develop advanced pet nutrition. This is the home of more than 900 dogs and cats whose sole purpose is to live a happy life and eat premium pet food. PNC helps to analyse ingredients for balanced nutritional proportions - for a quality standard that helps animals live long and happy lives.

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Every animal deserves to experience the life-changing power of pet food that is one step ahead. The "Food, Shelter & Love" program has already helped over 9 million animals in animal shelters worldwide to find a permanent home. Hill's has also provided over USD$280 million worth of food and supported more than 1,000 partner shelters worldwide.

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Hill's always thinks one step ahead so you and your pet can enjoy today. In the late 1930s, young, blind Morris Frank, accompanied by his guide dog Buddy, travelled the country on a Seeing Eye® guide dog advertising campaign. Buddy was suffering from kidney failure and Dr Mark Morris Sr. was asked to help Buddy. Dr Morris was convinced that Buddy's suffering was due to poor nutrition. He and his wife then developed a revolutionary, well-balanced diet for dogs with kidney failure and renal insufficiency.

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Since then, Hill's has continued to pursue this forward-looking approach to animal nutrition with science-based food. Whether for daily feeding or for special nutritional needs, Hill's pet food has the power to change lives.

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Evidence-based, clinical nutrition begins with extensive nutrition research. Hill's conducts randomized, blinded and controlled clinical nutrition studies. These in-depth studies ensure that the products offer real benefits to animals with the highest quality standards.

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Many of Hill's foods, for adult animals, have the added benefit of a scientifically developed formula that reduces the risk of struvite and oxalate stone formation while supporting urinary tract health. This food can be recognised by the Hill's S+OXSHIELD trust mark on the packaging.

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