Mixed Pack no longer available?

My cat really enjoyed these, but the mixed pack is no longer available to order. I'm not going to buy multiple boxes to get each flavour, so he's unfortunately going to have to go without this brand now.
09/16/21 | Sabina

Unfortunately my cat didnt like it

Love the packaging, but my Ragdoll boy wasnt interested in this brand at all. Got mixed packs and all of them had to go in the bin. He would eat only less than a quarter of the tray and will never get near the bowl again.

Another Paté

If I'd have known it was a paté I would not have bought it. Our two boys had a bit of a lick at it then refused. They just do not like paté for some reason.
06/03/21 | Lisa

great product - great containers

My cat needs a grain-free diet - these perfectly sized portions are good quality. My cat loves them, and I love them as the containers are v quick and easy to clean for recycling.
01/08/21 | Anna


My bengal is very fussy when it comes to food. She was eating this product from the can but sometimes she wouldn't touch it. With this one I'm surprised that she is eating it all, no fuss and she likes all flavours. I'm very pleased. Tried to swap it from time to time with the can one but she knows haha
11/21/20 | Aleksandra

I was not disappointed with this company

I bought it for the first time in the form of a mix pack for my rather picky cat. He ate every taste willingly. Smells nice and looks nice. My cat is probably a bit crazy about this food.Proven company by my cats
11/07/20 | Aleksandra Chruslinska

Really dissapointed

Very good meat quantity on a label. Just two days after serving.. Both of my Maine Coon kittens had explosive diarrhea had to take to the vet to give Promax to stabilise the gut. Staying with Feringa unfurtunately. My hopes were ruined. Although advertising is very goif
10/04/20 | Lucy

They liked them!

I bought the mixed trial pack and all were liked. I have to buy grain free for my little darlings as their tummies are sensitive but these were well liked. I have just ordered the bigger pack so lets hope! They have a finer texture than the tins and smell better to me! Easy to recycle the trays too.

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