My kitten loves this!

My kitten is usually not that picky over dry food and he always gobbles this down quickly. Just note that the kibble size is quite big especially for younger kittens. I have also found quite a few extra large pieces of kibble which would be impossible for a kitten to eat but overall i’d say it’s pretty good :)

02/28/22 | Scarlett

Too hard

My 13 week old kitten reality struggles with this. The kibbles are so hard I couldn't break them. I ended up putting water in them just to see if they came any softer and they didn't. I'm really dissapoined as I wanted these to be good.

02/03/22 | Emily

My boy's favourite!

This food has pretty much created a monster as it's now the only dry he'll eat! If I try and mix anything else in, he picks around to get this stuff out. I agree with others, the kibble pieces are large and very crunchy, but my boy is a Maine Coon so he's absolutely fine with them and loves a good crunch

01/15/22 | Monika


My both cats love it

01/12/22 | Costy

Food is good

The food is good , but for a Kitten piece are to big and hard to chewing. For a Kitten we need smaller food and easy for chewing.

09/22/21 | Maria

Good for my kitten

My fussy kitten only likes this dry food right now, I had to mix the previous one with this one for him to eat it.

08/15/21 | Ester

My kittens love it

My kittens love this food!

06/19/21 | Rara

My kitten loves it

My kitten loves wild nature dry food, but not keen on wet food.


Kitten loves it

My Kitten loves this it doesnt last long in his bowl. As other reviewers have said the pieces are a bit large.

04/13/21 | Gosia

My cat really like it

My kitten really like it. The smell is nice. Definitely will buy again.


Very hard wouldn’t be suitable for young kittens

My kitten seems to love the taste of these but she gives up because they are so hard. She seems to enjoy them as a treat but won’t eat for a whole meal. Need to be made much softer for kittens.


Kitten really seems to enjoy it

My kitten is 9 months and really seems to enjoy this one though it does seem to be extra crunchy and quite hard for her to eat. Could be a bit softer for a kitten I would imagine a younger kitten would struggle to eat it.

12/29/20 | Adriana

Best kitten food

Best dry food for kittens. I have a ragdoll boy and he had an upset stomach. This food sorted him out.

09/11/20 | Beatrice

My cat loved it!

My cat loved this dry food. Excellent quality for the price. The only downside is that the kibbles were a little too big for him and spent extra time chewing on them. It could also be seen as a plus for someone, for example if you need to slow down your cat while they are feeding!

12/27/19 | Makeda


My new kitten loves this food. Wanted to start her off on the best quality i could afford.



I recently got a kitten and wanted to give her the best start possible. She absolutely loved this food! She also does not get bored eating it.She has grown so well and her coat shines.


My fussy kitten loves this!

My kitten loves this so much that eat up very quickly! Don't want to eat other dry food any more!

03/19/19 | Sachi

My Thai Kitten Loves This

My 5months old kitten has stopped eating less expensive brand kibbles. She eats Purizon Kitten but she LOVES the Wild Freedom kitten!



My three cats love this product! I used this as a treat rather than the staple diet.

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