11/05/21 | MP

Budget-friendly, healthy food

Streets ahead of standard UK supermarket brands with their added sugars and grain carbs. Nutritionally solid, with very decent 'real' protein content (if a little high in offal vs. muscle meat). Super affordable, especially in these larger sizes. Others mention visible fat - while Smilla does seem to contain more than some premium foods, in these giant cans it all collects at the bottom in a solid puck, and is thus much easier to leave 80% of it in the tin than with the smaller ones.

06/03/21 | ZOE

High % of meat compared to supermarket rubbish

My cat has been on Smilla meat for 6 years now. She loves all the different flavours thankfully. It has 40% meat/meat by products compared to the well known supermarket cat meat brands which only have 4%. My girl is huge, more like a tom cat in size and I think that is because she has had decent quality food from being a kitten. Smilla is also a competitively priced cat food, check the price per kg compared to the 4% meat brands,

04/30/21 | Georgia

Great product

This is a great product. The meat content is high and it’s grain free. However my cats did not like it. Not the brands fault. My cats are just super fussy

06/04/20 | Bengal Breeder

Bengal Mama

Quality food that along with a premium quality biscuit satisfies the daily needs of the ever hungry Bengal cat. I switched to this food from Animonda because it is much better priced and the cats have not been disappointed; in fact they seem to prefer it. So at almost half the price it is a WIN WIN situation!!

09/06/18 | Sue Townsley

Very fatty

I find this larger size tin to be much fattier than the 400gm tins. It is cheaper to buy the larger tins and my cat does like it, but I’ll have to seriously think about re-ordering.


Cats love it

My two cats love the Smilla and the 800g packs make super value for money.