04/04/22 | billie

the best

a true Urinary cat food! when you consider ash% , ingredients & price, this is by far the best product! even compared to the leading brands ! and all my cats love it !

01/09/22 | Billie-jo

Unbeatable on price and quality

Great low % of crude ash, and a fraction of the price compared to vet recommended brands

01/04/22 | Becky

My cats love it!

My cats clearly think it tastes nice as those who aren't on the urinary diet practically try to bite my hand off to get some so now all of them have will be on it. 3 of my 5 cats suffer or have suffered from FLUTD in their lives including one sadly passing away. If I knew there was an affordable option for food like this I would have jumped at the chance as the vets prescription diet is practically extortion. I was using Kattovit biscuits but these Smilla biscuits come in much bigger bags!

12/27/21 | Andrew Wilson

cat wont eat vs kavovit

since katovit urinary has been out of stock for month i thought i would try this, cat had a few mouthfuls thinking it was the old stuff and not touched it since, hopefully our neighbors cat will eat it

08/24/21 | Tammy


Our cat has FLUTD and has been on this food for 2 years now, we did run out and within a week of being on normal food all the symptoms returned. Whilst on this food he has had no flare ups if symptoms and it’s so much cheaper than the prescription food from the vets. Would recommend trying if your cat has similar problems.

05/29/21 | Alan

Seems to be helping

The problem with reviewing this is you can't be certain if it is helping after a while, it just becomes a daily feed, if your cat has 'permanent' Cystitis, e.g. the moment you stop treatment, they need more, then you can be sure of continued help, as if it wasn't, the Cystitis would flare up again even though they are still on this. But if like our cat, once the Cystitis is under control, she can go without any treatment at all, first time we went over 5 years without treatment, so worth trying

03/23/21 | Fran

Brilliant quality + value!

I first ordered this for the strays I feed, to protect them against urinary struvites, which can be very distressing and dangerous. Given the volume and the price I wasn't expecting very much of the product so when I saw the smooth, rich-looking kibble and how the cats were enthusiastically crunching their way through it, I knew I was on to a good thing! Even better, our own cat loves it too even though he's used to more expensive food, so its great to have a big bag to rely on!


Cats love it

I bought this for one of my cats as he was having urinary issues and now he won't eat any other biscuits. My others like it too

05/18/20 | chip


My cat LOVES these things, and they love his insides. So much better than hills & the like. Great value, and apparently very tasty

07/05/17 | Tammy


My cat was diagnosed with FLUTD and must now be fed prescription food for the rest of his life. We alternate between this and the S/O food from our vets, the ingredients are very similar but this is quarter of the price. My cat enjoys this food and touch wood has not had an infection since starting it. Very happy and will continue to order.

10/26/16 | Sarah Bond

Wonderful - Thank You!!!

I have 3 cats and feed them dry food as a regular daily snack shortly before bed; I have searched for years to find a food that is good for them and that they all like and finally, I found Smilla Adult Urinary. My cats can't thank you enough - moist, health-promoting, flavoursome (I think!!?), bite-friendly, little morsels, that they all love :-). I'm back for my second bag, 5*.

09/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Tasty and healthy

I thought to myself, why feed my cat normal dry food when I can feed dry food that does something for his health. Well, Jack seems to like it, I'm impressed.


5 starts

A friend told me about this food. It's a great way to support kidneys and urinary tract, and my cat loves it.

09/16/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


At least, that's what my cat would say. Great ingredients and a good way to prevent urinary infections. We give it 5 stars