08/19/21 | Edit Laczo

cat's been sick and diarrheic for three days

I haven't changed anything else in his diet, other than leaving this kibble out at night. He's been vomiting and constantly going to the toilet for 3 days now; taking him to the vet tomorrow. Kibble taken away. I used to leave kibble (different kind) out at night and only ever feed him canned food during the day and cooked chicken for dinner. ANY kibble is bad for cats anyway (they don't need the high carb content).

08/23/20 | David L Wright

Spoilt Old Cat

Since first introduced to product, refuses to eat anything else


Tried after Royal Ca+pnin

*We tried this after Royal Canin and cat liked it, but I must say the poo is soooo smelly, omg. When he poops, I can smell it in others rooms and we have hooded tray.


my cat didn't like them

my cat just didn't like it very much so that was that unfortunately! i tried some other dried food, that he liked.

08/02/18 | Joanne Perkins

Great product

My cats love this and won't eat anything else. Finally a great value wholesome cat food that they love.

05/12/16 | Roxana

Not so keen

I fed my cat with Smilla adult sterilised and she is not keen on them. As I bought a 10 kg bag I know have to mix them with wet food to trick her to eat them. Not for us again.

05/03/15 | Joanna Vineall

Fantastic - happy cat and happy owner!

I have a ginger Tom who has a sensitive tummy. After a few disastrous attempts with other brands, I put him on Smilla Kitten which agreed with him straight away. Then once he was neutered, I put him on Smilla Sterlised and again no problems with his tummy. Fantastic quality item, no pungent smell, no broken bits nor powder at the bottom of the bag like other brands and at a fantastic price. Ordered and delivered within 2 days. Very happy cat and very happy owner.

09/22/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


I can really recommend this food. My vet told me about the problems my cat might encounter after castration so I wanted to get a special food. And the price for this is really good.

09/18/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

My cat likes this

I'm sticking with this food, my cat really likes it even though she is very choosy. And it suits her.

09/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Amazing value for money

Great food for castrated cats. It's so good that there are foods for castrated cats.