06/14/22 | Luisa

Happy puds

My 6 cats, aged from 10 months to 17 years, all love this food, they don't care which flavour it is. When the little one, Archer, sees the tin in my hand he goes nuts. They can't wait to eat it. They have 2 tins between then once a week and the bowls are completely empty. There is total silence while they eat it. They have never had iffy tums or thrown it up afterwards. My 17 year old boy is now blind but he manages to eat every piece of this in his bowl. Well done Cosma 😺

01/27/21 | Magdalena Wells

Great find

My cats love it. They usually are very picky (not even keen on real tuna and salmon), but I can tell that they are very excited about feeling time now and cleaning their bowls. I am delighted as I know that they are eating good quality food.


Great product

Our little one loves this food. It’s all much closer to cooked and shredded meat than standard wet cat food and the meat content is far higher. Also better than the sachets from other brands as you can recycle the tin!

08/18/19 | Clare

Great value for high quality product

I was feeding my cats (15 and 7) applpaws but the cost was rather high. I switched to this cheaper brand and don’t feel like I’ve lost any quality. Would recommend if you are looking to feed your cats high quality natural food.



I have a very fussy cat who will only eat chicken. The chicken fillet one is the only food he will eat and he wolfs it down in minutes. I have been using this food along with whiskas biscuits for nearly 3 years (all his life). Always brill delivery and never had any problems.


Excellent quality food

Fantastic food. My two spoilt 8-month old kittens would only eat Applaws and Encore before I found Cosma Nature. I tried 4 or 5 other brands - all really expensive - but there was no way. I first bought Cosma Nature a few months ago when it was on sale and there is no going back! They absolutely love it. Their favourite flavours are Tuna, Tuna & Shrips and Chicken and Tuna.

11/24/16 | Kate

Great food

Moved to this from Almo Nature. The Cosma was on special offer and there no going back now! The tins are packed with meat, some other brands add water to add weight but this is not the case with Cosma. In fact I add water when serving just to make it a bit softer. My cats love it. Flavours are subjective of course but the chicken/ham, and the chicken/tuna are firm favourites.

04/17/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Favourite food

It's only a supplementary food, but the chicken flavour is really well loved and very palatable. Very good for upset tummies too!

12/21/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good Schonkost

My cat Scratty accidentally ate some bad food, no one really knows what happened but it was really really bad. I gave him some of this and it was a god send, very helpful and the tummy ache was gone


This is not supermarket cat food!

Lovely meaty/fishy food that doesn't look like processed goo! It may seem expensive, but when you factor in the 'absolutely no waste' factor, it's really good value. These small tins make a perfect meal, which is all eaten. My cat loves it😀

08/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Best ever

Our cat is adopted, we took him in at 4 and he is 11 now. When it comes to food he is annoyingly fussy, he loves eating fresh meat, so when I opened my first tin of cosma nature I just knew this would be the right food for him. It looks like the tinned tuna you'd buy in a shop. Our cat has changed his mind now, he eats all of this without leaving a speck and the portion size is ideal for him.

06/28/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Highly recommended

So far we tried the tuna from Schesir and I didn't like the amount of liquid in the tins, and as Schesir natural is not available yet we decided to try out Cosma. Me and the boys love it, lots of solid meat and we add just the right amount of liquid in the form of hot water. Easily 5 stars!

06/21/15 | Purpleclaire

Awesome food

Brought the salmon one for my end stage renal cat and OMG he wolfed it down in like faster than 2 seconds it seemed when I opened tin I thought to myself this looks and smells just like human pink salmon. Would highly recommend. Haven't tried the other flavours yet. Debating what flavour to order next

06/05/15 | Graham


This is just top quality cat food. My cat absolutely loves it. Always an empty bowl.


Our cat loves this food

I have rarely seen a bowl be emptied so quickly and so thoroughly! Our cats love this food and we are so happy that they get something nutritious. Thanks a lot!



My order came today and opened this for my Ragdoll cats one eats very little, ate the lot, they all loved it.I have tried various expensive chicken tins but nothing compares to the quality of this Cosma Nature.Will definitely be ordering it again Patricia