06/07/22 | Kev Harper

Very good, but odd texture

I bought this to try as an alternative to more expensive brands, and one of my 2 Maines is very fussy, but she laps this up, so it can't be bad at all. It does have a very mushy, odd texture, but it doesn't bother the cats in the slightest, so therefore I can only recommend trying it.

12/17/21 | Judith Phillips

Loved by my Birman!

I originally ordered this for my Siberians, who are large cats like Maine Coons. However it is my tiny female Birman who absolutely adores this food. Normally she turns up her nose at anything & everything but this food is a winner. She eats every single scrap enjoying every mouthful.


My cats loved it

As soon as I opened the pouch, my two Maine Coons devoured it. My kitten loves the Concept for Life kitten pouches too. Highly recommended