05/29/21 | Anni Brown

Poultry and Liver

my very senior companion is very fussy and only really likes the poultry and liver flavour, so I wish I could buy the individual flavours instead of a mixed box.

05/07/21 | Kamila Suszko

Kitty got explosive diarrhoea from this..

First time she tried it she had diarrhoea in the litter box. Then next day she managed to get loose poo all over the TV stand and didn't make it to the litter box. Something dodgy with this stuff.

02/07/21 | m. morris

catessy pate

Looks and smells good enough for us to spread on toast, sadly the 2 cats always get there first!

09/27/20 | Anca

Made the cat sick

I bought this product because it has no grain and a higher meat content than the usual cat food. Firstly I was not impressed with the colour and consistency of the pate - nothing like the moist light coloured Gourmet Gold Pate. This was dark in colour and quite solid. I tried to give it to the cat. He's eaten it slightly reluctantly, but soon after eating he was sick. I tried a few times (sometimes with breaks of days in between) and each time he has been sick after eating this food.

08/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


My cats love all the flavours! They literally clean the bowl, when they usually make a fuss about eating instead

08/03/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


Both our cats are normally very fussy but they absolutely loved this food!

08/01/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

i have 8 cats

and each one has its preferences. one thing they all have in common is that they love this food. the pate has some chunky bits that you can easily mash with a fork. i only feed them grain and sugar free food, that's a given, even though i know there is lots of high quality food out there, which they get as well, but catessy is great for some variety.

06/28/20 | Sophie Lindberg

Made my cats vomit

Very difficult to find the ingredients list for this food, After 10 minutes of searching I bought it and took a risk. Turns out this has less than 5 PERCENT meat!! My cats ate it, but would vomit a few hours later each time I tried it. Poor quality, in the bin it goes.


Perfect for my cats

My cats who are a little bit tricky when it comes to pates love this food ! They look forward to every bowl

02/18/20 | Clara

Good as an Occasional Food for the Price

Decided to try this as I wanted to add a cheaper food to my 1 year old ESH's rotation, but something that was still grain and sugar free. Not a great meat content, but without the added junk better of many more expensive foods. My boy finds it just "ok". He has a couple of short breaks before its all gone. Texture very smooth and almost slimy, but no bad smell before or after eating. Be aware that you need to feed more of this than with higher quality meat food, so this does cancel out the a b

02/13/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Value for money = top

Lots of different flavours which are all dearly loved. Very handy in the trays. Easy to get rid of and recycle. Smells good. Looks good. The cats like all the different flavours. And the price is amazing (for such good quality).




01/02/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Chilli favourite

I bought this as a trial and it's amazing! My cat really likes it! Nice pate, smells really good and it's got a good moisture content. I can thoroughly recommend it!

10/22/19 | Frances Papierowski

A success!!

My three cats loved these! One out of my three is quite a fussy boy but he loved them. Not heard of this brand before but would definitely buy these again.

04/30/19 | Roxy

No go !

Neither of my two cats like any of these , in fact the whole of my order was a waste of time , they have ate nothing from this site !

04/11/19 | Kaz

A no go

Neither of my cats would go anywhere near this food , waste of money as was practically the whole of the order really , thrown out most of the food I ordered , they won’t touch it


Good food as part of rotation

I give my cat a variety of foods to avoid her getting bored. This one usually goes down very well in all of the flavours. As per other reviewers I took a star off because it's not the best quality meat, but i do like the fact that it is grain and added sugar free, so I feel it is fine as part of the rotation of foods given and is excellent value..

03/18/17 | Maria Green

My fussy eaters love this!

Both my girls are very fussy and leave food frequebtly but with this they can hardly contain themselves when I peel open the tray. There is never any left and I get some appreciative love when they are done. One star down because the meat quantity is a little low and I have to keep fishing out what looks like bits of intestine out of it. As long as they are happy though I am too.

03/09/17 | Maria Green

My girls love this!

I tried cattesy grain free pouches and my girls weren't keen but they were odd flavours. They love this grain free patè and my girls are very fussy! They have half a pouch of another food in the morning and half a tray of this each in the evening (they have a different dry food each so I ensure they have a good varied diet) and they never leave any of this. The reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is because the quality if ingredients isn't amazing although as good as brand products and I have fished out what looks like small intestine tubes a couple of times. (Eww) All in all though it's pretty good value and if they are happy then I am too!

10/26/16 | liz

great poroduct

my 2 old cats 19 and 18 are fussy eaters but eat this with no problem whatsoever

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