Not good for my cat

Unfortunately my cat will not eat this, she licks the gravy and won’t touch the meat, I will have to give what’s left away!

04/23/22 | Cheryl

Not a hit!

After a worrying blood test result and on the Vet’s advice, I tried Kidney Care mixed in with Tink’s usual tuna hoping I could transition her over to KC eventually. Tink licked the gravy off and left everything else. Left with a bowl full of lumps (all of her regular Tuna had been eaten). Not a hit, I’m afraid but then again, she has always been a fussy girl! Wish there was a Tuna version. Might have more chance of success with that. The Kidney Care biscuits seem to be going down better though

03/22/21 | Soo


Since my cat started to have this food, she has diarrhea.


Contains sugar!

Sugar is high on the ingredients list. For obvious reasons we do not eat every meal with a high proportion of sugar, so why should our cats. We have had one cat with diabetes and want to avoid this horrible disease.


My cat loves this food!

My cat stopped eating the meat of other brands and only licked the juice! He had lost lots of weight and I was so worried we were going to lose him! We gave Hills a go in a last hope of him liking it and he did!! I’ve not seen him eat his food so fast and asks for more! It’s made us so happy to have found a brand he likes and will eat all of it and not just lick the juice off like he did with all other brands! Well done Hills you have made my cat happy again xx

09/02/19 | Nigel


My cat would'nt eat it..


Must be pretty special

Salmon flavour is rocking their world, can’t get enough. They tried chicken a few years ago and didn’t really care for it.

12/04/18 | Jen

hills kd pouches and tinned

In all the years I have had cats with CKD, I have yet to find one that would eat this food. Hills could at least try and make it palatable. How can you try and help a cat with this awful disease if they are unlikely to eat it

12/03/18 | KATE JOHNSON

Waste of Money

Sniffed it and walked away ......................


Unfortunate waste of money for me

If your cat likes dry food, this may be a good wet food alternative. If your cat likes wet food, I doubt this is the one. My cat absolutely hates this. He'll lick the minimal "Gravy" off and then leave all of the food. The chunks are relatively large (1.5cm-ish) and mushing them down releases a scent that is decidedly un-meaty (smells a bit like old cereal!). Adding water doesn't help.

05/21/18 | Ann Tripp


Great price compared to what the vet charges! always fast delivery and simple to order-I will be back!

03/18/17 | Diana

Have tried this twice now - our cats hate it

We have a female cat with Renal failure; a male without it. We have tried the Hill's Kidney Care twice. The 1st time we tried it, I thought it was just her turning her nose up at it. But even our male wasn't interested. So, we gave the remains of the 1st box to the Cat's Protection. I thought we'd try it again to see if, perhaps, they had finetuned the recipe. Offered them the 1st pouch the other day & no joy. This box to Cat's Protection too I suppose!

02/03/17 | Carol jamieson


Found zooplus by chance and so glad as been looking for cheaper renal food and arrived fast with great comunication poppy had his first dish today and loved the tasty chicken flavour so will certainly be buying again

08/13/15 | Kathrine

She hates it

We initially started off feeding our cat Royal Canin after diagnosis. Then I decided to try Hills. It certainly does not look as good as Royal Canin and kitty would only lick the gravy leaving the meat. I contacted Hills as their website suggested, but they were very unhelpful. Zooplus were on the otherhand very helpful about the satisfaction guarantee and all was sorted.



Before purchase I had a good look at the proportion of protein, and the chicken variety is perfectly suited to my cat's tastes. Every bowl is completely finished, and he's no longer vomiting. He's gained weight and is behaving normally again (he's 13 years old and has chronic renal failure).


Very good product

Excellent product that I gave to my old cat suffering from kidney failure, and he's doing much better now - he regained his appetite!

08/29/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

would like other flavours

I would like to ask why zooplus doesn't also have the beef and salmon flavours. They are excellent and would complement the variety they already have.

08/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My old cat Othello (15 years old) has had chronic renal failure for several months and we were feeding him the dry K/D food. The vet advised me to try these pouches in addition to the kibble, and he not only loves it but it also allows us to make sure he gets his daily medication (we grind up the tablets and hide it in the wet food). He was getting quite thin but now his little belly is back, and every morning he can't wait to eat this food.

07/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.es

Her daily breakfast

Our kitten enjoys her breakfast and has learned to ask for it by standing on her back legs and stretching out her paw. She's just so excited to get her breakfast!

06/09/14 | Nosraes

Suits elderly male cat with failing kidneys

Jess is 16+ and bored with a lot of prescription diets. He really enjoys the Chicken variety and we mix this with a little of Hills dry K/D food.

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