03/14/21 | Sue

Hamster loves it !

I bought this as a huge enclosure for my dwarf hamster and he loves the space. Most hamster cages sold by pet shops should be banned and all the big hamster cages have disappeared from Zooplus! Once meshed, it makes a great cage for any variety of hamster. In my opinion it’s too small for rabbits though. Great cage for the price.


good cage

a little smaller than I wanted, if your buying this its a good safe cage easy to clean etc, but make sure your pet gets lots of time out of his/her cage :)

12/29/20 | Sarah

Perfect for a tortoise

We originally bought this as an outdoors tortoise enclosure as we have dogs and lots of seagulls are around our area. How ever we loved it so much we now use it as a permanent indoor enclosure for our baby leopard tortoise. We should hopefully get a few years use out of it.

11/08/20 | liv


good big cage just cant open the top of the cage

03/28/20 | Summer

Rabbit cage

It’s great I have 2 baby rabbits and they have loads of space but I will have to upgrade once they get older x

02/14/20 | Sheena

Can't expect more for the price

Good - The handles to lift the top off and on are helpful. The top hatch is useful, even my short arms can reach every corner of the cage. The hayrack fits snugly to the cage for minimal mess on the floor. The bright colourd of the hayrack and base is more cheerful than the usual grey. Bad - The clips are a bit looser than I'd like and come off too easily, the plastic components feel cheaper and flimsier than the old ferplast, but for the price this is fine.

03/22/19 | Tony

Very quick delivery - One Damaged Parcel

Ordered two Skyline Maxi Pet Cages, very pleased with the size and product. One parcel arrived damaged, Full Marks and praises to the Customer Service department in organising a replacement cage so rapidly. - Well Done - Thank You


Great add on cage for my two Guinea pigs

Caramel and Cinnamon love this cage. They are very happy with it. Although it meets the minimum size for two Piggies we have added on a run around the sides of it for extra space which they also enjoy. Metal can be hard to put together especially with the clips but very strong once together. Doors are easy to open so id reccomend putting a lock around them or use one as a bridge into the run as I have :)

01/23/19 | Carol

Cracked bottom

Fast delivery, however the plastic is cracked, hopefully get a response soon for a replacement.

01/17/18 | Andy rogers

Great delivery but crack in plastic tray

Greart delivery but plastic tray had crack in. Also for me there aren't enough clips for a cage of this size.Using it as a brooder and chicks are due Tommorrow so haven't got time to send back. Apart from the crack and face there are only two clips good value

12/21/17 | Kate

Excellent value cage

I was torn between this and the Ferplast 120 (which we have had previously). Went with this cage as know that once the rabbits are fully grown, the ledge in the Ferplast cage becomes too small for them to fit under, so instead purchased a log hideout for this cage. Only other difference is the Ferplast cage bottom is textured making it less slippy (but harder to clean out). Overall, excellent cage and good quality. Purchased on Friday lunchtime, arrived on Tuesday afternoon with Yodel.

08/11/17 | Chantelle


Couldn't believe how big this cage was when I received it. My Bunny will love running round in this!



The second one I bought! Next day delivery, and my guineas love this! They can run around so much and it has Plenty of room for them to move! Would recommend this cage to anyone!

02/26/17 | Abby

Brilliant cage and great service!

Next day delivery and fantastically good cage!


Amazing price for the size!

I ordered this and 2 days later it arrived. Wow! Huge! I got this for my rabbit for when she's been spayed to spend time In he house. It is plenty big enough for 2 rabbits. I struggled to get the clips on the sides, and there wasn't any instructions! I managed it in 10 mins. I would highly recommend this as other sites are selling this same size for £80+


Great value!

I was looking for a new cage for my Guinea pigs but was shocked by the prices as 120cm was the smallest I was willing to go. A cage the same size was 80 pounds at my local pet shop! Was so pleased to find this cage. The quality seems okay. It's a bit less sturdy than more expensive brands but very good for the money. Although it has some bigger gaps between the bars, so maybe not for baby Guineas. The doors also open quite easily so if you have curious cats, dogs, etc. you might want to consider that. I'm sure my Guineas couldn't open them, though! The cage was very easy to put together. The only part I struggled with was putting the side clips on but husband managed to do it! Once again great service from Zooplus and as always excellent delivery service from DPD. Would definitely buy this cage again.


Very very good!

Got this ready for my guinea pigs when I get them and it's sooo huge! I was pleasantly suprised how big the cage is! My 2 future guineas are gonna love this!

06/18/16 | Leah


I ordered this cage for my 2 guinea pigs. When it arrived i was pleasantly surprised at the size of it, i wasn't expecting it to be as big as it was. My guineas love it!

06/11/16 | Lauren

Huge cage!

I order this cage late on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday afternoon, didn't expect it to be so quick! Was kept up to date on delivery times throughout. Fantastic!! This cage is huge, by far the biggest indoor cage I've seen & I can't wait for our 2 Guinea pigs to move into their home. It was very well packaged, and quick and easy to build up. I would highly recommend this cage and zoo plus to anyone looking for a great value, high quality cage



Ordered this for my 2 guineapigs. The cage is massive so much more room for them compared to standard ones in pet shops and half the price of pet shops also. Brilliant value for money and the pigs love the extra space.