05/11/22 | Susan Nichols

Excellent tool

I have a golden retriever dog. I have found this to be an excellent tool for removing tics. In my opinion it is far superior to the green sticks with prongs. It removes the tic by turning it round and round but without removing fur as it is easier to grab the tic alone. When carefully executed, no trace remains

08/26/20 | Kirsten

Surprisingly good

They seem very flimsy and feel like they won’t last But they work well. I have used 4 times so far - very effective - and FAR better than getting Anywhere near the disgusting little beasties. I will be buying a few more as spares as I really can’t complain at that price :o)

06/30/15 | Chloe

Great little tool...

Very easy to use, easier than the hook version - and cheaper too! Feels fragile, but haven't broken it yet after several ticks. Am ordering a couple more to keep in handy places. The "pen clip" effect is useful.

07/10/14 | Emma

Trixie plastic tick tweezers

Not had a chance to use them yet, thankfully! However handy to have just in case.