Poor quality - look elsewhere - doesnt work

This is my second one. The first didnt last long and this one wont stay switched on - from the moment i bought it. It lights up poorly, or not at all and is fully charged.


Final chance

I’ve had a few of these now and do find that the mechanics let me down. Hard to explain but I’ve had one where the charging bit didn’t charge and a couple where it just decided to not switch on!. This will be my final time buying one each for my 3 labs, because when they work they are fab and Zooplus is a great site for all my dog items, so fingers crossed 🤞

01/27/19 | Mike

Great bit of kit

A good simple bright collar that works well. Just cut to the right size and then slip over your dogs head. No need to separate it other than for charging.

11/12/18 | Margaret Mooney

Three dog owner

This collar is highly visible in the dark when switched on, so very good from that point of view. But, the fastening and undoing of the collar is very difficult. It's just a case of forcing the silicone over the rigid plastic part which contains the on/off, battery etc. I would not buy another one.


Absolutely worth a recommendation!

It shines really bright, so you're visible from far away. The battery life is good enough and it recharges very quickly. It's not heavy and the size is adjustable, which, of course, is also great!


Let there be light...

...and sure enough people see us in the dark. The 2 types of flashing lights really annoy me, but thankfully the solid light is just ideal. I would recommend it for any dog owner. Easy to charge using a PC and very fast recharging.

12/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

a *M U S T H A V E*

I've owned this super light collar for about a year and it is just incredible. Well, it is for a black dog. The dog can now be seen by cyclists in the dark. Ingenious!

12/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.ie


finally a bright light collar that can cope with my springer spaniel's love of everything wet and still work really well, best thing ever for those dark winter walks