Excellent food, happy dog

Turns out my dog is very fussy and trying to find a food that doesn't contain rosemary is difficult. This has lead my dog to walk away from many a bowl to go to waste. But this food, mixed with forthglade's just wet food is wolfed down, she loves it. I am one happy owner!


clean bowl

My dog is a fussy eater but i tried him on this food when i purchased a zooplus christmas box. He ate it all up and kept going back to the bowl to see if he had missed any. so i will be buying this for him now. happy dog happy me.

10/17/17 | Dave


Our two golden retrievers have this mixed with Forthglade wet foods. They’re both in great condition, happy with their food, and never leave any waste. Cleaning up is no problem,( easy to pick up with poo bags). I wouldn’t change now.