12/02/17 | Tim Smith

Barking Heads

Superb service, very easy web site to navigate. Exceptional speed in dealing with the order and always very competitive pricing.

05/18/15 | Ness

Back to health

Smeegle used to thrive on Almo Nature, but when he hit 9 years old I wanted to change his food to a senior one to give him the best chance. Almo doesn't [at time of writing] make senior food so we tried a few different brands, keeping it natural. After a few different brands, some cheaper, some way more expensive (and VERY disappointing), which caused no end of unhappiness for the Sprog, we hit upon Barking Heads and things took off. It smells a little bit (we add a touch of warm water to make a little bit of gravy) but Smeegle loves it. He is tip top condition, his coat is shinier than ever and he has pretty much stopped walking like John Wayne after exercise. I don't care about cost, the food is great and it is what my dog adores. The vet agrees, his condition is tip top and I am happy because of that

10/20/14 | Thomas

Full Of The Right Stuff!

The main reason I bought this pet food is because of its natural and good quality ingredients. It means I don’t have to spend more money on supplements as they are already in the recipe. This premium quality dog food is definitely great for dogs in their senior years.

06/09/14 | karen sinclair

Barking heads senior

My dog loves these biscuits they are an easy size to eat and they make her coat feel so soft and silky. Phoebe is eight end of July and still runs around like a puppy, many people still ask if she is a puppy, as we say you are what you eat so to keep your dog happy and healthy feed them a good dog food and your be glad you did. I have bought the chicken, salmon and the lamb over the years and Phoebe would recommend them all.

06/08/14 | Liz

12 year old border terrier loves it

My border terrier has had some teeth removed and so I had been giving him tinned meat for some time. However he was slowing down and looking his age and I decided to try boosting his nutrition with Barking Heads Golden Years. He loves it, the flat shape of the kibble makes it easy to eat, and he definitely has more energy.


My oldie is not keen

Bought this for my oldest dog and she is not keen on the taste. I have no doubt it's good food, just not for my dog.

06/02/13 | shazza

Very impressed

My 8 1/2 year old Labrador has always had a dry flaky coat, but not on this. His black coat shines.

03/21/13 | Mary Bentley

My Oldie loves this food

Sophie my 12 year old Rottweiler has become quite picky in her old age. However she loves this food. The size of the kibble is just right and she needs no tempting with this - it is gone in minutes