05/07/22 | Nathalie

Very happy

We have two cats, one of whom is fussier than the other. They’ve previously enjoyed Meowing Heads and Thrive but have recently been ignoring their Meowing Heads. Thankfully, Nature’s Menu has proved a big hit and gets eaten much quicker than the Thrive tins. The ingredients are great and we’ve had no digestive issues with transitioning to Nature’s Menu.

04/29/22 | Gillian

Very good quality

Very happy with the Natures Menu food and my cats have been eating it for 6 months now. One of my cats was ill last year on another food but this one works well for her and her tummy is fine on it. Healthier than a lot of other cat foods out there. Only didn’t give 5 stars as although one cat eats all 3 flavours the other is fussy and only eats one flavour so i now buy the beef & chicken tins only rather than this multipack!


Prefer the pouches

Since the food has switched from pouches to cans, my cat barely touches it, meaning it's often scraped into the bin. He loved the Original and especially the Country Hunter pouches, but unfortunately they've discontinued the range with seemingly no plans to bring it back. I'm afraid we'll be going elsewhere.

04/21/22 | James


I've used Nature's Menu for years for my three cats, with them all enjoying the previous pouches. Whilst my cats do still eat the food, it's really annoying that they've downsized to 85g without any change to the price. I'm going through them far more quickly now., with the old 100g sachets far easier to share between them. I messaged Nature's Menu through their webchat and they said that they'd done it for "portion control" reasons and to "bring it in line with similar premium products."

04/06/22 | Jessica

Cat is obsessed

My cat absolutely loves this cat food, she’d eat her weight in if it she could! I bulk buy it and, although it is more expensive than some cat food, you can’t really beat it in terms of the quality. The portion sizes are small but there’s a feeding guide on the back of the tin so you always know how much your cat needs. My cat is 3.4kg and she has about 2.5 tins a day.

03/27/22 | Jane Hadley

No need for the new formula

Really unfair to discontinue the old pouches. Bring back the 100g food. My cats have had bad tummys after trying to get them onto this one. They do like it but its the transition to the new formula which is not nice for them. The pate is so dry. I have to add water and mix it up which is really time consuming. I will be switching brands.


Good food for carnivores

Looks and smells like real meaty food not fake meat for cat to just lick the jelly off. I was initially disappointed when the bigger pouches were discontinued. But its enough and its easy to get all the food out of the tin. And most important the cat loves it eats all of it, no messing about


Reduced amount for increased cost

I have been feeding my cat this food for years. He loves it. Should I say he did love it, until you changed the consistency and reduced the amount of food in one portion. While I do agree the packaging should be recycled - the change is not acceptable for my needs and will be finding another brand.

02/19/22 | Jane lockley

So disappointed with the new change

Not only is the consistency different but the tins have downsized to 85g from the old style 100g pouches. This is not ideal when you have a multi cat household. One of my cats can only eat certain cat foods or else he’s sick and this was one i found that he likes and it works, but it’s so expensive now - over £10 a kg, so I now have the task of finding something else he likes that not only can I buy on here but that I can find locally too. I have expressed my complaint to Natures menu themselves

01/14/22 | Antoinette Taylor

Dry and pate type feed.

Sorry but our cat isn't impressed. This is more of a pate and is very dry. She made great efforts to lick off the jelly and left the meat part. The sachets contain more moisture and are more meaty though I am not keen on the fact that the pouches are not recyclable as the tins are, which is why I tried these. Yet another donation to the local animal sanctuary.

12/12/21 | Porsha

A hit

My feral loves it my cat prefers this to the packets

11/05/21 | Scarlet

And the plate sparkled

Brought for my mums cat, she tells me she gobbled it up. I fed my cat with it, and she too liked the plate clean. This is a high protein low fat healthy cat food, which keeps your kitty feeling full longer. Mine is on a permanent high protein food, due to prone to weight gain Worth trying if you kitty has the runs, upset tummy

11/04/21 | Queenie

Lapped it up

Brought for my mums cat and she loved it. A high protein low fat food, makes it healthy and Kittie feels full longer. Mum said she will be buying fom zooplus from now now Thank you zooplus