10/10/20 | SL

Basic Value Pet Bed

Bought 2 of these in March 2019, since then I have had to replace the filling (with old single duvets) and hoover the carpet continuously as they shed the plastic 'bumps' from the underside. On the plus side though, they are a good size, the fabric is wearing well, and they're easy to wash.



Purchased this bed as the last one was so good and lasted well,however the quality has changed. This new version has a different cover,the previous one had a nice suede effect and the dog hairs didn't cling to it. Worst of all there is virtually no stuffing in the cushion,our poor dog might as well be just sleeping on a blanket,so on with the search for a new bed again! Also when I lift the bed there's a pile of back bobbles on the floor from the anti-slip back.

06/08/20 | Debra Cooper

Don’t waste your money

Within a week the stuffing had moved from the centre so my lab was more or less sleeping on the floor


Not worth your money

We are not happy with this bed. Its filled with cheap and nasty material that when my dog (young doberman @35kgs ) gets on it, the content moves to the sides of him and he may as well sit on the floor. It's getting relegated to the boot of the car :(

03/05/20 | Emma

Perfect pad for hard floors

I bought this to pop under my dog's donut bed to protect her from the hard floor boards. It does a great job and the removable cover washes well. The pad is still nice and thick after a few months, even with a 30kg Lab lounging on it most of the day.

09/12/18 | Eileen

Dogs love these!

Ordered two and they arrived this afternoon. Vacuum sealed but very quickly puffed up and into shape. Both have been in constant use all day by labradors and the cat. Great product at a great price 😁👍

05/30/16 | jennifer shaw

Value for money

Great size bed for my Dalmatian, I've had to replace the filling a few times (I just buy a new duvet) as it goes flat. But we've had this bed for nearly 3 years now so can't complain.

08/01/15 | C Hammond

Comfy, easy to wash, and lasts!

Bought as a replacement bed, which my labrador loves, and now using it as a cushion in the plastic dog bed. Has lasted more than half a year and looks like it is not going to be chewed on any time soon! Not noisy when dog goes in it, and cover easily removable for a wash.

08/27/14 | Jennifer

amazing value!

I bought this bed in the Large size for my 3 year old Dalmatian. She loves it and it's the perfect size for her to stretch out in. Looks like a good material to wash aswell as she malts heavily. Very happy.

06/08/14 | Leslee Parsons

Cosy Mocha Brown Dog Mattress

This is a great product! Thick, soft, easy clean & the size is really good for my German Shepherd, I really love this mattress, value for money too!

08/03/12 | Chris

Excellent for the car

I bought this mattress for the 'boot' of my hatchback. It fits perfectly and our mini Schnauzer is really comfortable whenever we take her out in the car. We used to have a crate in there but when we decided to have another puppy, we came to the conclusion that there would be more room if they could use the whole space. Together with the head-restraint fixed dog guard, we have the perfect travelling combination.

08/01/12 | Christine

Top bed

Our doggie loves the cushion, we've had it now in use for 5 weeks and no complaints, it is soft, cover can be super cleaned in the washing machine, just great.