06/17/16 | Vanessa

Badly made!

I don't know if the bed is badly made or if I've just been unlucky with this order as it's a great bed with enough room for 3 cats, and I love the design. The faults I encountered were these: Flaw 1 - stitching on the outside of bed is loose, this bed will not last long like this - my pets will chew it! It's supposed to be on the inside. Flaw 2 - the bed is not level, it rocks when my pets try to get in, and is unstable, making it unpleasant for them to get in. Have positioned it in various rooms, and can see it's not my floor that's uneven, but the bed. I would post pix if I could, but can't work out how to do it on here ): Hope to get a non faulty replacement soon!