10/21/21 | Katarzyna

Cats not impressed.

Nothing wrong with the item, my cats are just simply not interested to rest in there. I think it's just preference, they like to chill in the open cat beds.

08/27/21 | Janine

The young cats love it - wish it came in a bigger size (for two)

We have bought this and the Cosma Cat Den. They will use both, they do prefer this one, but only one can fit in at a time - but the cosma cat den they both squeeze in. The Trixie is a bid more right (they tend to jump on the top of the Cosma one and squish the other one inside until they give in! They like the furry collar and rest their chins on it. The main picture for this is misleading, I didn't realise it was more 2 tone (plus collar collar on top). Wish it came in a bigger size.

12/09/20 | Rachel

Snuggling cats

The cats love sleeping in and on this. Despite buying 1 each they prefer squashing in together. Wished they made this human size!!

11/11/20 | KR

Super cozy works well for 6kg cats

I've got 3 cats and so far, they've used all of the 3 beds, they are not small cats, about 5-6kg in weight, and I was concerned originally when I bought them, because the pics put up were of smaller cats and kittens. The good thing is, they can turn around in these igloo type beds, they keep them warm all over, Its just like having a tent with a warming cover on top. They are well made and fluffy on the inside, the puffy pad on the bottom is quite thick.They are sturdy and wont collapse.



More suitable for small cats I would say. My moggy can't fit inside



My cat refuses to use it. It's been over 2 weeks and she's not interested in it at all. Have given it away to a neighbour in the hope that one of his 2 cats will use it.

06/22/20 | Rhona Milligan

Perfect Bed

Bought this for our new Kitten's arrival, left it out to air for a couple of days & discovered our older Cat Mia had fallen in love with it, so we had to buy another for Molly! Both cats sleep in them almost every night & look so comfortable & cosy.

05/23/20 | Katie Locke-Amin

Perfect for my kitten ♡

Such a lovely bed for the price.... i cant believe how cheap it is. Such lovely quality....and its ideal for my kitten as its nice and cosy.

01/31/20 | Sue


This really is a beautiful bed - it's very well made and looks very snuggly and soft. My cat's around 3.5kg and there's tons of room for her. The opening's a good size being big enough to get in and out but not so big it lets the cold in. Definitely recommended - it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

12/19/19 | Catherine Turner

Jumped straight in

he's not been with us for more than a few days. He saw this bed and jumped straight in and sat there nice and cosy. Ordering a second one now. One for upstairs and one for down...

01/03/19 | Sassy

Huge hit with Apachee

Apachee is a fussy little madam. But once the smell from the plastic which held the cave, she was in there and it’s her new favourite snoozing spot! The bed is very well made and incredibly soft. Highly recommend for any cat as it will keep them toasty warm and feeling safe and secure.

11/24/18 | Laura

A well loved favourite in our house!

Both of our cats love it! Was originally bought for our benga kitten but our DSH decided he liked it too (we thought he’d be too big for it at a healthy 5.5kg) so we’ve just bought another.

11/08/18 | Umrit

She loves it

My cat didn’t care about this at all at first. The material it self bery good quality. I was going to give 5 star to this product and 1 star to my cat but after 2 days she went and slept in there. So and so everythings good now.

09/04/18 | Regona Clayton

Cosiest cat bed ever

Recently bought just 3 of the small cuddly caves and instantly my cats are queueing up for them. I have never had a bed that the cats love so muc.. They look so cosy, and snug as a bug. Will be ordering another couple (or more) as I have a very, very, but very large family - all rescue cats and deserving to be thoroughly spoiled.

08/22/18 | Jen

Tested and Approved

Gus is a fan of this bed, he even gets so toasty he has to come and out cool down once in a while! Nice looking product too, quite neutral unlike a lot of cat furniture/beds


Lovely snuggle cave!

My sphynx kitten loves it - I did pad it out with the matching snuggle blanket as it's really quite spacious and he's still a kitten and loves being really warm. Great value for money!

03/04/18 | Anne


I wasn’t sure my awkward little cat would go in this bed at first but I left it on the sofa for 24 hours and when we go home from shopping she was curled up inside it. She is an adult oriental Havana and there is enough room for her in this cosy little bed. We are both happy with it.

12/06/17 | Laura

Value for money!

Got this for my new kitten as the price enticed me - if he had any 'accidents' on it, then it wouldn't be too much of a loss in investment! He's started using it recently to sleep in, and he looks very comfortable and cosy. Our older, fatter cat has even tried to get in!

12/01/17 | Rose

A hit

My four cats love it, especially big gentle Harry who weight 6KG. lovely and cosy for chilly nights.

11/24/17 | Doris Edwards

Minou Cuddly Cave

It look's really comfy cosy! Don't yet have my kitten but am almost prepared ... Might even get one for my dog ( if I can get a bigger one?)