03/11/22 | Jenny

My fussy idiot loves it.

It's the keenest he's been on any dry food, he's has eaten the whole bag now without getting fussy about it. I've been feeding him it more than wet as it's so much easier.

10/08/20 | Lyndsey


The small pieces are easier for my cat to eat and digest. Also the fact that they are chicken, cranberry and catnip flavour gets a big high paw! Will definitely buy again.

05/15/20 | Shelley

My cat loves it!

I have a rescue mog that had previously had a poor diet and issues with constipation and was on lactulose for this - since going on this diet I have been able to wean him off the lactulose completely and he is doing amazingly! He also has a beautiful soft and shiny coat! Would recommend and very affordable for a good quality food!

09/07/18 | Lucy Beaghen

Easy to bite and liked by all

I bought these as two of my cats are mature and love feringa bix but, like me, love new things! My ginger boy has just has a full tooth overall and one out and these are the only bix he will eat as they crunch easily and are small and easy to pick up with his delicate mouth. He has also had a infected rat bite on his jaw which has left him not eating but he chose these so ordering more soon.