Big Mistake

I ordered these by mistake...My cat refused to eat them...I usually have the Ageing 12+ pocket ones which she loves.. so these are off to the Cat Rescue.. so they won't be wasted ..... I bought a 4kg bag!!!!... I have given 3* only because she would not eat them but I'm sure other cats would probably love them...

02/26/21 | Ann Baxter


I bought the non sterilised Royal Canin first and my 3 cats were not interested in that so I bought just a small pack of this one, the sterilised, not expecting any different and they all love it, I mean really love it so I've been giving it to them instead of treats! They also love the RC Savour Sensation but nowhere near as much as this. Never seen such a reaction before

06/13/20 | Carole Catling

My two cats & Royal Canin Ageing Sterilised 12 + cat.

My two cats are now 19 years old. They absolutely love this product. They love it so much they eat far less wet food . Lexi and Sasha are the names of my two cats. Sasha was definitely showing her age until I started feeding her this Royal Canin Ageing Sterilised 12 plus Cat food .Lexi still behaves and runs around like a kitten but even she is more lively and contented after eating this


Happy cat

My cat absolutely loves this food and clears her bowl


Excellent food

My cat absolutely loves this food. It contains many valuable ingredients. Phosphorus is low, which is excellent because his values need to come down slightly So I alternate between this, the RC renal dry food and the wet 12+.

12/05/18 | Barbara Smith

There are two of these products I chose wrong one last time

I noticed someone didn't like the smaller different shapes I made that mistake too but noticed today there the other Aged biscuits are still on sale, just that this is a new produce and she chose the wrong one. The pocket type are still here! :

11/27/18 | Michelle

Cats love it

I bought the small bag initially to try for my three cats aged 13/14. They can be quite picky so I was surprised when they loved this dry food. I have since bought the large bag which was quite expensive though cost effective as they don’t waste any of it.


"New" revised product?

Firstly, I wonder why RC have changed the "cushion"-shaped dry food to little round things. Agreed, my cats eat it, but they don't chew the new ones, just swallow them down. Healthy teeth, helped by chewing dry food are essential to all cats, young and old. I am not impressed by this revised RC product, esp. as I cannot buy 2kg, any more, only 4kg. Bit sneaky of RC, I'd say.

05/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


My ladies (13 & 14 years old) are really into this food. The pieces are a little flatter and better for chewing.

04/30/13 | Mel

Great Food

I have 3 cats. 2 of which need to be on a lighter food and this really does the job. Although they all love the food the 2 that need there weight managed are doing really well on it. Both have lost a bit of weight and now are stable and doing great. The third cat loves the food too although he gets supplemented with another Royal Canin to help his weight stay a bit higher. Happily recommmend this to anyone.