11/12/21 | Mrs P OLEARY

Hills Dry Cat Food

Always use this cat food, have done for for over 15 years.

Cats love it

07/20/19 | Helen

Jimbob & freddy love their bickies.

My boys love the biscuits. Thanks.
11/16/17 | Pam D.

Healthy old cat

Our 13 year old male puss is the healthiest, happiest cat we have ever had. Fed entirely on Hills Science Plan -no treats except those he finds outside, he has just again been given a clean bill of health by the vet. I wish I'd known about Hills with our previous cats

13 year old she-cat loves this

My she-cat loves this variety of Hills food. It keeps her teeth clean, is a small kibble that even my almost toothless second hand tom-cat approved of. Always leave fresh water available with dried food. The vet says she is in excellent condition and she has never required dental treatment.( The tom-cat was nearly toothless when I took him in)


Our cat has been on Hills Science Plan chicken all his life (now 11) and loves it. He has this as half his diet (wet food is other half).
09/06/12 | Derek Hastie

The only mature food worth buying

My two males have visually improved greatly since using Hills Science Plan for Mature Adults. No more mass shedding of hair as their coat has now a much shinier lustre. My two are old boys now but I can see that health wise they have also improved as their movement also seems to be a lot easier now that they are on this diet. If you're looking for high quality cat food that improves the all round vitality of your cat then look no further.
03/23/09 | karen

Excuse the pun, but it really is, Simply the Best.

Hills is the best dry cat food on the market. I have used hills for over 14 years and can say it has always proved a real favourite with all my cats. I have did try other brands and found the cats ate it for a short time then would go off them thats not the case with Hills. Hills is by fair the best, its cheaper than feeding tinned cat foods, it doesnt go off if they dont eat it all in one go, not that my lot leave a morsal, and and its most definately the best for keeping teeth in perfect condition and giving luster and shine on the coat. My old boy is almost 15 and looks 10 years younger!! All thanks to Hills.
09/19/08 | Jess

The best by far

Both of my cats have taken to this food really well, with huge improvements in health being unmissable in my oldest cat (who is 18). Both cats seem to have more life and coat improvement is fantastic. I could not recommend this highly enough.

Happy Cat

I was sent a sample of this and didn't really expect too much from it; I'd tried dried foods before and they didn't do much for my elderly cat. I was, however, pleasantly surprised, the cat loved it - he really couldn't get enough of it and after acouple of weeks, he really seemed to perk up. His fur looked better and he was much more active and interested in his surroundings. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best dried food I could buy for my cat.

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