Fantastic food

If you are looking for a super high quality food, try Lily's kitchen. Organic natural food for your dog and not so high in proteins as others good natural foods, they will really appreciate! My greyhounds love it! No nasty ingredients for sensitive tummies. It's a bit pricey as all Lily's kitchen products as you are paying for quality but I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else.

03/12/14 | Lottie

The Best Ever:)

After using good quality kibble I decided to try wet food and tried good quality ones but the smell was awful. Then I checked out Lily's Kitchen and wow do my Shih Tzu girls love it, and it does not have a strong smell. It is really good quality and full of goodness, I give them a good quality mixer with the fish pie and for breakfast they have Lily's Kitchen Breakfast biscuit. The change of feeding has been a great help to Missy who has allergies and she now does not itch. Angel and Missy say a big thank you to Lily's Kitchen for creating such lovely tasty HEALTHY food :)

01/20/14 | Beagleman

My Beagles favourite!

My Beagle Molly loves this, whilst Beagles are not usually fussy eaters, she gets extra excited when I open this. I feed her Lily's Kitchen as I know it's the best on the market. I do cook my own at times but this is great quality food that's convenient. I will not feed her any other brand, having read the ingredients of other dog foods I will never feed my dog on the regular brands. Lily's kitchen may cost a bit more, it's well worth it!

09/28/13 | Teresa

great food for a sensitive tummy

I've already written reviews for the tinned chicken and the tinned lamb dinners. The fish dinner is just as good. My lovely Cockapoo with a very delicate tummy loves this food and there have been no adverse side effects whatsoever!! In fact her poo has been minimal! I mix it with Burns dried (also excellent) to make it go further. Thank you Lily's Kitchen and Burns.