01/02/21 | Alyssa

My dog's favourite

This is Rowan's favourite food of all time. We started Ro on the chicken & duck lily's kitchen good when we first got him but he soon went off that. We tried the lamb one which he seemed to like as well but he loves this one so much so we keep reordering. We mix with a wet food from lily's as well twice a week to keep things interesting for him.

04/22/18 | jeff

no happy shichons

my 4 shichon dogs love all lillys food ....but not one of them like this one,i have tried for days giving them nothing else,but still won,t eat it i bought 24 kilo thinking it will be ok as they love all the other ranges......

01/04/18 | Steven Garner

My dog food order

excellent Service Excellent Service


Very Good

My dog love Lily's Kitchen Venison & Duck! Perfect for her!Ingredients top. Very High quality! Love!!!!

08/26/16 | Philip Long


I feed my Dalmatians on the dry & wet. Both love the food. Great ingredients. Both my dogs are very fussy eaters. Highly recommend for older dogs as well. I order all the flavours so both have a lot of variety. Wet food is great as well.