Food change

I changed to this food for my 10 year old spaniel.He really enjoys it plus there are no windy smells and it keeps his poop hard as he has a tendancy to gland problems so this is afood really great Idod food 've found .Wish I had changed before .
03/31/20 | Isabel Sneddon


Fed this product for many years and I have always been exceptionally satisfied and my older dog has never had any problems also happy with my purchase of veterinary food for dog with kidney problems. Very good prices too.
07/18/15 | S Houghton

old lab.

Our black lab is 13plus, had problems with his poos, lots of vet bills, our vet suggested we try James Wellbeloved, what a difference this has made,zooplus excellent service thank you.

Indeed 'Well Beloved' by my dog

Excellent dog food for my dog...been feeding him with this since he was 8 and he'll be 12 in a couple of months from now. Shiny coat, perfect weight (was 35.2 kg when he was 9 and is 28.8 kgs now), active body for a lab of his age. Bottomline is - an amazing product that ticks all the boxes. After all you get what you pay for. If possible I'd take a lifetime membership of this dog food for all my current and future canine needs!!

Super food

Our 3 older dogs love this food. They all look great with super coat, good teeth and loads of energy despite our huge cross rottie being nearly 10 years old. Still acts like a puppy! Would highly recommend as also very low in protein.
02/03/14 | Sadie

lazy dog isn't getting fatter

My dog isn't so old really but he's really quite lazy and I read that to stop lazy dogs from putting on weight you can either feed them the "light" food or give them food designed for older dogs that don't move around as much. It seems to be working. I was getting nervous about him gaining weight before and wanted to nip it in the bud. He seems to like the taste of it way more than the old cheapo brand we had him eating before too.
12/13/11 | Mrs O'Shea

Weight loss guaranteed

After years trying to find something that was nutritional, hypo allergenic and would enable my chocolate lab to lose weight this is the ONLY food out there that has worked for us. Gone thru them all - Burns etc with no results but my lab has lost 6 KG steadily since June and her vet is really pleased. Also feed my other lab on the adult Duck and Rice or Ocean White fish and rice and neither of them itch and scratch like they used to - well worth the money.

Excellent for weight loss

After trying lots of different supermarket 'light' dog foods with no results our vet recommended this and the weight loss has been amazing. Our 4 year Labrador has slowly dropped from 38kg - 28kg. Losing the weight has also resolved a limp that we spent hundreds on trying to diagnose!! Would definitely recommend this product to other dog owners.
04/06/11 | Andy Todd

Loose stools

Our German Shepherd suffered for over a year with the squirts, after £100's in vets bills and their recommended Hills @ £60 a bag, we decided to look into something better on the pocket and hypo-allergenic too. James Wellbeloved has entirely changed our lives and our dogs, she no longer has to go out three times in the night, her life is back to normal and so is ours. This IS the absolute business, it has single handedly cured a problem which we felt was never going to be solved. Take my advice, if your German Shepherd has problems with her bowels and the runs, try this first before paying a fortune. I also hunt all over the internet for the best price on 15kg of Senior Light, Zooplus always comes up the best and delivers fast.
10/22/09 | Lenka


Our aging dog is handling this food very well! He's not getting as much excercise now so we had to switch to light...and so far so good!

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