05/18/22 | A Arora

Quality not the same

I have been ordering these treats for many months as my cats love them. Their favourite is Chicken. The previous lots had decent pieces of chicken, which the cats loved. This time there are few chicken pieces and more shreds, which the cats don't enjoy. I have to sprinkle it over their food rather than give it as a treat. Not at all happy, considering, it is a very pricey treat.

04/20/22 | Alba

Salmon Updated review (April 2022)

The treats are almost back to normal. I still find little rock hard pieces but most of them now crumble like they use to, and my toothless kitty can enjoy them without the fear of chocking, and vomiting, and my other very fussy kitty can now chew them.

04/13/22 | Zoe

Okay over freeze dried/ not usually quality!

The cats will still eat them but be sure to add extra extra water to diet as these have definitely been over freeze dried. They’re bordering on dessicated no longer large chunks of freeze chicken

03/22/22 | L W

Changed recipe - much too hard

Have bought these in bulk for years and quality consistently good until recently - recipe has changed and they are far too hard and in much smaller pieces.


Cat crack

My cats(and golden retriever) are absolutely obsessed with these! They smell quite strong, it’s been handy for getting my cat to come back inside with them. My bsh is sensitive with treats like dreamies etc but she’s fine to eat these too.

03/07/22 | Kaz

Decline in quality

My cats usually love these. However in the last 2 packs I purchased, particularly the chicken flavour, the XXL pieces have been tiny, bitty, very hard pieces and my cats just left them so ended up binning them. These are too expensive to end up binning😠. Zooplus, get a grip, if your product says XXL pieces then that is what it should contain not just hard bitty crumb like pieces.

03/07/22 | Karen Whieldon

Rock hard chicken

The recipe has definitely changed Zooplus will not accept this I have sent pictures ok they sent a replacement which were exactly the same Tiny rock hard nibbles not the soft pieces they used to be Yoda will not touch them

02/26/22 | Sarah

What happened?

Although expensive I didn't mind getting these because my cats adore them. However, the last order each tube was filled with rock hard cubes half the size of the usual pieces. The cats all turned their noses up at them. Has the recipe / process been changed or was this a one off bad batch ?

02/07/22 | Alba

They have changed the recipe for Salmon

My cat only liked the "Salmon Snackies", I had some left from my previous order and the ones from the new order look completely different so as expected, my cat refuses to eat them. They look like the "White Fish snackies" that my cat hates, and they also won't crumble like the previous "Salmon Snackies we used to receive. I hate when cat food companies do this because we all know how PICKY cats can be, so changing recipes is not going to keep their furry customers happy.

01/02/22 | Martyn Sandford

Like gravel

Have to echo the review below - product has previously been consistently good and our cat loves it. Ordered a multipack of three chicken and all came like irregular tubs of gravel (unlike the normal large cubes). Normally easy to crush up but rock hard. Cat walked away from this which is 2-3 times as expensive as fillet steak. Not acceptable for a premium product. The new normal? Shan't buy again.


Rock solid

The majority of the treats in each tube were completely solid and inedible. Such a waste of money. For some reason I've never had this problem with the smaller tubes

10/05/21 | Sarah Bell

Shake the tin for the cats to come running

My family of cats adore these treats. If I'm a bit slow distributing them I get pawed to hurry up.

10/03/21 | Faraaz K


It's been difficult to find treats for my 5 month BSH since he cant seem to stand Dreamies, however these did the trick! He seems very curious and sniffs the cubes whenever I offer him a one and he eventually eats it. Overall these are a A++ for picky kittens.



My three cats absolutely love these treats, particularly the chicken one. They will do their party tricks of high five and meow on command for them. Touch the pot and they come running. It has to be hidden in a cupboard away from curious paws!


The favourite treat in my house!

Both my cats absolutely love these treats. They love all the flavours. The sound of the pot opening brings them running. Firm favourites!

07/14/20 | L Chant

XXL chicken

My cats love these. I crumble them on their food when they are being fussy. These are much better smaller Cosma chicken snackies . I will always buy XXL in future.


Cats’ Favourite Treat

My cats love the XXL chicken snackies so I daren’t run out. They’re not so keen on the fish flavours however.


Awful smelling and inedible, stay away

I ordered the Cosma Snackies XXL Maxi Tube (White fish, tuna, salmon).. The tuna one gave a such a strong overpowering chemical stench the moment it was opened . Both my cats refused to touch it, and I thought it would be best to get rid it for health and safety reasons. The salmon one had a milder chemical smell, one of the cats refused it while the other one nibbled at it half heartedly. Haven’t opened the white fish one yet but don’t have high expectations about it based on the others.

05/28/17 | Vicky Waring

Purrfect for treats and food topping!

My cat adores the chicken ones and loves a couple crushed up over his food and a few whole ones on top. He prefers the XXL ones to the normal size and he doesn't like the Thrive ones.