04/15/22 | Sarah

My cat loves it

My cat can be fussy with urinary cat foods - there is something in some of them which he doesn't always like. Never had this problem with this food - his bowl is always licked clean! Good solid consistency (I've had some in the past which are like mush) and I prefer a tin which can be recycled over foil packets.


Cat loves it

It appears less processed than other brands which is good. Cat loves it!


My cats like it

We were using kattovit before. But now us out of stock. No problems with eating but my 2 cats are not fussy around food. Smell is not the best



My cat loves it !

05/11/21 | originally published in zoohit.cz

More than satisfied

Our 12 year old cat has trouble with her toilet time. I bought her these tins and she just eats them up ☺️ I hope they help with the problem, but otherwise I would say that they are super☺️


They won't eat it

My cats don't like this product at all and won't eat it.


Not enjoyed

Neither of my cats liked this food. Only bought because cannot order Kattovit struvite prophylaxis food in tins any longer. Luckily I only bought 6!

02/10/21 | Miko

Good substitute post-Brexit

Since Brexit, Zooplus have stopped stocking my cat’s preferred the brand of urinary food, but he seems ok with this and it is quite similar texture and ingredients. So far, so good - he has dry skin and other brands make it worse but this one seems OK.

02/03/21 | originally published in zooplus.es

Good product

I bought it to try it out and fortunately it was a success. They liked it, they eat well and it is grain-free.

01/28/21 | Sonia

Back for more - cat loves it

I had to buy this last time because her previous favourite brand was out of stock. However she seems to love this even more (in fact, every time I open the fridge she's there at the food bowl looking hopeful).

04/15/20 | Jenny

Don’t recommend

I wouldn’t recommend this product. My cat who is the least fussy cat would not eat it. Its full of the horrible bits of meat, like cartilage, and is by far the worst smelling cat food I have came across. I wouldn’t waste your money, you are better spending a bit more for a better brand of urinary cat food.

04/15/20 | Honorata

Cats don't love it

I bought this new type of veterinary food in hopes I can introduce permanently together with other urinary products for my cats. Cans are really big if you compare with other urinary cans, but cats were not convinced about the food. They eat only a bit and leave remaining food in bowl and never come back and finish it. If your cats will like it though then it's food price deal. However I won't buy it again, waste of money since they don't want to eat it. Dry food though is OK


Cat loves this new brand

The prescription urinary products my cat HAS to have are seemingly not palatable to him. Concept for Life has turned out to be the best he's had.....clean bowl every day!

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