09/13/21 | Aga

Wow fussy Boston terrier approved

After our Boston developed an allergy to chicken using different brand we decided to switch to this food. Wow I was shocked -this is the first time he eats and enjoys dry food without mixing it with other stuff. He seems very exited to receive his dinner.Shape is on the larger side bit manageable. Hopefully no more upset tummy problems.

07/31/21 | Rebecca

Great results

We have three dogs, a labrador, a french bulldog and a mature boston terrier. This suits all three and has really helped any stomach issues the smaller ones had.

06/26/21 | dawn barket

Great food

My border collie had the runs constantly on Eukanuba it really didn't suit her. It was time for a change and so glad I did... Arden Grange is a fab food no more constantly upset stomach and Poppy loves it. Also no pile of gravelly grainy food waste at tje bottom of the bag. Best food ever 😁

11/18/20 | Darren D Coyne

Great Food

I have fed my rotties on Eukanuba for years. One started being sick a lot and the vet said he may have a sensitive tummy. Moved on to this and never looked back. It really works. No more sickness.

10/29/20 | Stella


We have a Rottie and a GSD and this food is the best weve had and we have tried loads over the 20 years we have had dogs.

10/20/20 | Rosalind Mercer

The best for minor IBS.

My vet recommended this for my GSD. I have never looked back. Her faeces are solid and easy to pick up. She does have a weak bowel at times and this works. The key is that it's grain free and it's the gluten that affects so many dogs with minor IBS.

09/21/20 | Beth Hardy

My dog loves this food

My dog has been getting very itchy skin lately so we have put him back into this food which solved his issues brilliantly before. The parcel arrived today (I ordered the 2x large bags which are very heavy) the lovely delivery man put the heavy box straight inside the hallway for my mum who cannot lift heavy objects without even being asked. My dog has just polished off two bowls full and looks like he would be super happy with a third!


Great for dry skin

My working cocker has always had a sensitive stomach but in recent years also developed very dry itchy skin and rubbed and scratched patches until she started going bald. I tried various foods that didn't make any difference and then came across this. It's really helped. She does still have dry skin but it's improved and she doesn't scratch as much and her fur has grown back


Fantastic food!

Our golden retriever had a lot of stomach issues and we tried all sorts to settle it, then the task of something she would actually eat! She loves this, finishes it every meal and her stomach is finally settled!

03/20/20 | roz mercer

Wonderful for dogs with minor IBS

Best that I have used. My young GSD always has had very runny poo - all gone now. Highly recommend this dry food.

02/25/20 | shirley simm


Having rescued a puppy from Spain with terrible tummy problems this food was a Godsend. No more loose bowels. Cant praise enough.

10/08/19 | Anne robinson


Dogs enjoyed it eat every last bit so that’s why am re-ordering and they look great on it


Excellent product that works

My little dog couldn't eat her dinner quick enough ! I love to see her enjoy her food. The service provided is excellent. The site is very easy to use and delivery is quick. Cannot fault.

08/09/18 | Cathy

Perfect for my rescue dog’s sensitive tummy

I’d tried more expensive “vet diets” but my rescue dog was still struggling with the after effects of giardia and other tummy problems relating to his very poor start in life. My vet was a little sceptical but this food was the turning point for us. After 2 years on this food (admittedly with occasional glitches) we have now added Arden Grange treats - before that even his “treats” were just kibble! Thoroughly recommend this food


Changed my dogs life for the good!

My Saluki boy has bowel disease and he ulcerates badly if he eats most things. He was going through a terrible time and I thought I'd give this food a try. I was amazed that within 2 days on it he was almost back to normal and he's now been on it 2 years and has to stay on this and get nothing else except AG treats. The difference in him has been amazing. Vets thought he'd need to be on meds for life and yet on this food he's not needed any and he's a very happy boy!

01/26/18 | Chris

Really excellent for Sensitive stomachs

This Food is exactly what is needed for our two Westies - they are so sensitive to grain, wheat, soya and even rice. No more itching or scratching.. it's a relief after trying and searching for an ideal food that suits them. Definitely Recommended. ..

11/17/17 | David Follows

Superb food for our Flatcoated Retriever

We have always been fond of the Arden Grange range and Charlie seems do do exceedingly well on it...both in terms of general health/shiny black coat and demeanour. Over the past 12 months we experimented with other premium brands of food and strangely he suffered badly with an excessive build up of gunk in his ears. As soon as I threw out said premium alternative and filled his bowl again with his fish and potato favourite, his ear problem disappeared.


The only food my cocker will eat

I have a fussy cocker spaniel who'll leave most food untouched for hours until she's so hunger she has no choice. She laps this food up. She has a sensitive tummy and skin and this food doesn't give her any break-outs.


Great for sensitive tummies

My retriever/spaniel cross had always been good on the Arden grange lamb & rice until she started getting older & would get a slightly upset stomach most days. So we swapped her to the fish & potato and the problem resolved! And she loves it! Every meal, every day vanishes in seconds!

11/27/16 | teresa dixon

Arden Grange sensative

can not praise this food enough, after my dog became ill and developed allergies she lost weight after trying several different kibbles Arden Grange saved the day