08/26/21 | Tracie Cameron

James wellbeloved food

Excellent service fast next day delivery no hassle Ordered from here because pets at home have no stock and had no hassle will be using from now on

09/27/17 | Hani


Puppy was using this food while transitioning from rice and chicken to dry food. Looks super high quality, you can see the actual individual bits of food and it doesn't look like mush in a packet. Puppy loved it too!

02/07/14 | Julia R.

good turkey puppy food

My puppy is still quite young and we were concerned she wasn't gaining weight enough. She loves this food. She eats the whole thing every time and is gaining weight steadily, which is a big relief.

02/07/14 | Eloise Upton

smelly much better than old brand

My new puppy was eating Pedigree before she came to my house but I really cannot stand the smell. I switched my puppy over to this food over 2 days, there were no stomach upsets and it smells so much better!

02/07/14 | Jane

5 stars

Best food I've tried in terms contents and looks and my dog's appetite - I'm ordering more!

02/07/14 | Louise

high quality puppy food

My puppy loves this food. It smells really nice and is made with great quality meat. I introduced this meat slowly in to her diet and there were no problems with digestion. I would not hesitate to recommend this food to anyone!

02/07/14 | Sadie

v good

High quality contents, looks tasty and my 5 month old puppy really likes it. It's the best food I've tried out on my puppy so far. I'll definitely buy it again!

02/07/14 | R. B.

brilliant value

This food is brilliant value for money especially when you consider that it's good quality meat with none of the fillers or derivatives that are present in the popular supermarket varieties. A top puppy food.

02/07/14 | Emily F.

shiny fur

My little pup is very fussy, but she loves this. Clean bowl every time. And her coat looks really shiny. Good pouch food.

02/07/14 | Will

good pouch food

My staffie really likes it and has no problem digesting it. Smells lovely too. A good product.

02/07/14 | Sarah P.

great puppy food

We only feed our puppy James Wellbeloved dog food. They're a little bit more expensive but you will definitely see the difference when your puppy finishes his bowl every day. Other brands give her diarrhea. I definitely recommend it.

02/07/14 | Anna

tasty puppy food

My 6 month old puppy loves this food, he seems to find it really yummy. First time round, I bought turkey and rice. I'm gonna try the other one next.