Excellent product

My labrador loves this food. While I was switching him from another band and mixing the feed, he was picking out the kibbles from the Pro Plan. He is doing very well on it.

11/29/15 | Annie&Co

PP Sensitive Skin

This is a nice mid price range food. I had my dog on a more expensive brand for his itchy skin, but having changed to this brand I've found very little difference between the two brands. He looks good on the food, and it keeps him dandruff free with minimal itching. Can't comment on palatability as my dog will eat anything! If you're looking for a good quality food at a reasonable price then Proplan is a good brand to try.

11/15/15 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Quality at its very very best

I have a Assistance Dog he has been my partner for six golden years, now not does he work 365/7 days a week plus he enjoys off duty time which playing in country parks plus beaches and that in turn means swimming. So we a great price for our special dog, so Zooplus fits the picture price is outstanding packing out standing delivery time outstanding so if you got a Rolls Royce then you want but the very best well Zooplus you certainly do that

05/03/15 | Roger

Ideal for meals and treats

We started on the puppy version, tried a different make then have stuck with the large breed robust version of Pro Plan for some years now. Our lab is doing very well on it and we use it for both her meals and treats, with some of each meal going to her treat pot - it's an ideal size to carry on walks.

11/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

fussy eaters

I have a standard poodle and poodle cross. my standard poodle after loosing his life long friend my Belgian shepherd, stopped eating loosing a considerable amount of weight. after trying him with differ'nt foods which he wouldn't eat, I bought pro plan. to my relief he ate it. and has a new lease of life. he is nearly 14. my other dog coming off of puppy food also is doing very well on it. both enjoy pro plan and wont eat anything else.

10/11/14 | Myra

excellent price

My two collie dogs really enjoy this food and it keeps them fit and healthy and their coats are really shiny. Excellent service from Zooplus.


finally found something that works...

my dog has canine seborrhoea dermatitis and I have tried many foods which say they are hyper allergenic etc but this is the first one that within 1 week I have seen a vast improvement in my dogs skin and coat.....gone is also the smell which occurs with this dermatitis....he is still dry in patches but its getting no worse and he has stopped scratching....thank you thank you


Great Product

We have golden retrievers and this is an ideal product for long coated dogs. They have a super coat with no skin problems. Five star product

11/30/09 | Jeff Moore

Breeder recommended this food

Started our Irish setter on the puppy food since the breeder highly recommeded this brand. He is now on the adult food where he is full of energy with a fantastic coat.