12/19/21 | Sandra

Excellent food

I have a rescue Collie who was prone to digestive problems. Since he has been having this food mixed 50/50 with a grain-free wet food his stools have been consistently firm and he is bright and bouncy.


Contains potato

My Newfoundland loves it and gets a fabulous coat from it plus no more hotspots. Unfortunately, there is now growing evidence that potatoes can cause health issues and especially heart problems in dogs which Newfoundlands are very prone to anyway. Had to switch to a different product.

05/11/21 | Caroline

Great food

My dog suffers with CECS and has occasional mild seizure like episodes. He’s tried various foods because the condition can be managed by diet. And although some foods have helped and reduced the frequency he has these episodes, this food has been the best out of all of them! He’s been on this food for about 3 months and he’s not had a single episode. He enjoys it too and it’s a high quality diet.


good for sensitive digestive systems

my 7 year old staffie kept eating grass lots of it, So i changed her food to Arden grange senior sensitive and she hasn't eaten any grass since. prior to this she was on Arden grange adult which obviously was too rich for her.

09/22/20 | Sarah Murray

The proof is in the poo.

I moved my two spaniels onto this in a desperate attempt to solve runny poo issue. Both are 9 years old and one in particular was having about 6 runny poos a day that were impossible to pick up. The other was on off with issues. I bought this which is a little more expensive than I hoped but it has completely stopped the runny poos. The dogs seem to like it and they are only having one poo in the morning and then one after their evening meal. The results were pretty instant too.


Brilliant food for seniors

Dogs look fabulous on this food. Beautiful shiny coats . Perfect for senior dogs.