10/11/19 | Nikki

Disappointing changes

I have been ordering these ears for a long time now, but as others have stated, they have changed- not for the better. One reviewer made it sound like we were whinging about slight changes in a natural product -it isn’t that; they have changed. The ears used to be large and quite thin, which suited my dogs brilliantly, 1 being a large collie cross & the other being an older terrier, whose teeth are of course aging with her. Nowadays they are thick & hard, more like the rawhide I avoid. Why?!

Usually 5*, last bag was 3*

These ears have been a favourite for a couple of years. I cut them in half for my two small dogs. However the latest bag of 100 was not so good - tough and thick and impossible to cut. A big disappointment. I hope they return to their usual high quality for my next purchase or it will have to be the last time I buy them.
03/02/16 | Wendy

Good but small and thin!

I started buying the 10 per bag ears and they were huge. I ordered 100 ears and got 10 bags of 10 ears. As my dogs were different sizes the huge ears were great for my Ridgeback. This time I ordered 100 ears and got 1 big bag full of small ears. False economy as my big dog needs 3. Very disappointing. Plus much thinner. My dogs still love them but I won't be buying the large bags again.
06/08/14 | Anneka

Good Chew

Good chew I bought the 100 pack. The bag actually states buffalo ears. However they are also very thin which means they don't last that long as my dog can crunch through it quicker than I anticipated! However they are still healthier than pigs ears that are full of fat so I would describe these as an occassional treat that you can use to distract a dog for about 10 minutes.

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