Excellent Product

This is a fantastic ball for dark winter nights. So easy to use. Glows bright green after a short boost from small torch.
09/30/21 | Toni Allan

Glow ball

This does not light up at all in the dark. Waste of money. The ball itself is a good one and goes far when thrown but no light on it..
12/14/20 | jackie gascoigne


I love this ball Molly usually rips toys up in seconds But not this one the only toys she does not demolish in seconds are the chuckit balls and they bounce high too, I love them already ordered more. How about produceing a football sized chuckit ball guys boomers are ok but U break the slabs if u bounce it. Also could u make. Them with. Christmas theme's that would be brill I'd put my order in now lol.

Lasted 10 Minutes

This was recomended by a friend as an option for our 100lb Canary Mastif, as their Rotty has had one for a long time without killing it. Our dog destroys most things fairly efficiently, but I had hoped for a little longer playtime before having to scoop up the reminants to prevent a choking hazard. Oops.
10/14/18 | N Ayres


Our GSD is ball mad , great invention of this glow in the dark ball. This site is the cheapest I have found them anywhere. I have bought 3 to keep us going will be back for more. Great ball, Great price.
02/05/17 | Ali s

Great ball

Another toy that seems indestructible by my gsd. It really does glow too was dubious it would. Definitely recommend
01/26/17 | Chris

Good night time ball

Glows a green glow ... hole in the ball gives it a bit of a whistle as it flies through the air. Easy for the dog to find at night. Has lasted well in terms of chewing.

Best glow ball I've found!

Bought one of these for a ball obsessed Collie. She's been through multiple 'glow' balls. Some battery powered and hard - no fun for catching! - others that emit the faintest glow. But this one is fantastic. After twenty seconds or so of lighting with a torch, the glow is bright and lasts a decent amount of time for an impatient Border Collie. Will be buying more of these, as well as the launcher! Definitely recommend.
12/14/16 | Amy

Awesome.. Light and a small sound make it 5 star

Glows perfectly.. Had 2 (lost one on a day walk!).. Been chewed by my dog and many others over the last few months and not a mark on it.. It has 2 holes in it and when launched out of a throwing stick it gives a feint whistle that enables the dog to locate it easily in the air. I spend a lot of time walking mine in the dark and she loves loves loves this ball. Ordering 3 more - one spare for us and 2 for friends who's dogs play with it too so they have one of their own. Definitely worth the money.. I leave mine on a window sill but also take a torch with me to give it a boost... It is also white so when the glow fades is still OK to see.
11/15/16 | Lee

Amazing! Lost far too many tennis balls!

Held this ball infront of my torch (to be fair a very bright one) and it looks amazingly bright. My dog is a white GSD and in a photo you can't see her but you can see a very bright ball. I've bought various led balls but this is just perfect.

Fantastic ball, our Dobermann loves this one

Everything about this ball is great. It has a super texture and bounce. The fact that it glows is just a great bonus for night time ball plays. We have a few as we like to keep the play going at fast pace to give our dog a good workout. Often she will not fetch the Kong tennis type balls but she never fails to retrieve these and brings them back pretty consistently. She loves squishing them in her teeth as she runs back towards us. Long lasting too!
11/02/16 | Clarisa Hammond

Does not glow!

I have placed this ball in sunlight for a few hours, and it doesn't glow. Have also shined a torch on this ball for 5 mins, and it doesn't glow! Will not be recommending it!

Excellent product

We have the Large max glo balls we have 4 currently they are super tough leave them in sunlight and they stay "lit up" for around half an hour! We carry a torch with us and the balls charge just as well with that! We have a very active Border Collie and he's not managed to kill any of them yet! One of his play pals a big Doberman chomps tennis balls easily but can't beat these! Excellent with the chuckit large launcher no batteries or screws to worry about all good no negatives at all :)
11/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

I am very impressed with this ball. My Labrador has a lot of fun playing with it and it's great that you can use it and find it at night! Full marks!

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