10/22/20 | Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson

Great whistle so good I purchased two more one for each of my neighbours.

02/05/20 | Jo Butler

Great whistle

Bought this as I can’t whistle myself and my dogs can’t always hear me when I call them, works really well, it is on a cord to hang it round your neck and has a different whistle at each end, great value for money

06/21/19 | Fiona Hayes

brilliant on a windy day

This whistle has two whistles. One does sound a bit like a football whistle, but it is brilliant on windy days as it is very loud and the sound carries quite far.


really like this whistle

Bought for recall training for a selectively deaf pointer. It is very loud and piercing, so the sound travels very far even on windy beaches and he can't pretend he can't hear it. So far, so good.