Worst long line

This line is almost impossible to hold on to. It gives serious rope burn and is useless as a training tool as it even slips out from under a foot. Not at all a good product.

Lead not secure

The lead snapped at the dog end upon 2nd use and he bolted off across the field. Very disappointed.
09/06/18 | Dee


I purchased the 20m one back in March to try to teach re-call to my new rescue sighthound. The lead is ok in that it gives more freedom than a normal lead but I found that it absorbs water very easily. So in the wet weather you start your walk with a nice dry lead and by the end you have a very heavy wet lead to hold - rather unpleasant! I found it did snag somewhat when dry but even more so when wet. I also found my sighthound would get tangled up in it and gave himself a few rope burns!
08/06/17 | Diane Fletcher

Peace of mind

My dog is a rescue dog, that is aggressive to other dogs NOT to people (so kind + gentle) but loves to be able to walk faster than me, a normal lead is bit to short when walking in a field, so tried this lead, what a pleasure to use, can control , or allow a bit of freedom.

Miss Burton

Absolutely awful one lead snapped in half ,two others broke at the clip.I would not trust this lead if you have a large dog.
06/13/16 | Shelly

Not Good

The clasp came away from the rope as soon as a bit of pressure was put on it. I'm not surprised as the rope is only looped through the clasp and taped at the end so no strength there at all. The rope also left burns on my hands and caught the back of my legs and burnt there too. Would not recommend - there are better alternatives out there made of better/stronger material for the same price where the clasps are sewn in so less chance of them failing - you just have to look for them.
05/03/15 | Viv

20 m training lead

I use this for my terrier who is not the best to recall when onto something good! It allows freedom for him and peace of mind for me. It rinses really well - and now I have 2 terriers I put one on each end and just hold the middle! Great product!
04/27/15 | Holly

Very durable

I have 2 x 10m and 1 x 20m lines, as a dog walker all get daily use. I've had them 5 years and still showing no sign of wear and tear. Just somewhat less brighter in colour than they were new!
10/26/14 | Sophie

15kg dog snapped the clasp off

Not a very good quality item. My 15kg puppy (who was probably not even that weight at the time) sprinted to the end of the line and the rope came away from the clasp. Luckily she wasn't hurt when she escaped (and considering how close we live to a road I shudder to think how easily she could have been killed), but how useless is a long line that can't be used to train an easily distracted dog on recall? Maybe useful with smaller, toy dogs but would not use for a working breed.

Fantastic multi-use long line!

I bought both the 10m and 20m a couple of years ago. They get very frequent use and are still in excellent condition, no signs of wear and when they're dirty I just dunk them in a bucket of water. I use them for teaching recall, limiting the distance they can swim in open water and tie them to cork stakes when I go camping. 1 extra tip, don't grab hold of the rope if you need to stop your dog, just stand on it or lose your skin to rope burn!
06/03/13 | Catherine

Great lead!

I purchased this as my garden is not secure and my pup SHOULD have been named Houdini! This lead has allowed me to tether the pup with no stress and he has plenty of space to roam. A much needed product and fits my need perfectly. Long slim lead with loop handle, doesn't seem to snag either.
04/30/13 | Terriers Chaser

Stress relief for both of us!

My young terrier/whippet cross is very very fast and has no sense. She is easily distracted and once focussed nothing will bring her back. I bought the 20M lead which gives her an opportunity to run about and chase her ball in safety and gives me peace of mind and control. We also use the lead to practice recall which is really improving. I cannot praise this highly enough. She can run off her energy and I can relax knowing she cannot go futher than the end of the rope.
04/30/13 | Chris


Good quality long lead perfect for training our young rescue dog to come back when called. Doesn't get taffled up.
09/06/12 | Harriet


This lead is great for training a puppy. I took my gsp on the beach to do some whistle training with him and attached him to this lead he began chewing the lead which stayed in the same shape as it was when I had got it. Highly recommend it for some one who wishes to train a dog for recall.

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