05/27/20 | chloe


Don't know why people are saying it isn't strong enough for their 6kg cat. it has been used multiple times by my male maine coon that weighs 9kg. it has not bent. who would use the shoulder strap to carry a cat anyway? improper use is what breaks things!
12/04/17 | Kristy Barker

Needs better quality control

We bought this to replace one of the hard plastic carriers. At first it was great – our cat had more room to move and it was certainly easier to carry. However, once we were nearly home the metal loop holding the shoulder strap failed and the bag, containing cat, nearly fell. On getting it home we found that the metal loops on both sides were bent out of shape. Our cat is within the weight range recommended for the bag. If you buy this product maybe don't use the shoulder strap, or be v careful.
09/05/17 | Kate footer

Poorly made

Bought this for my Maine coon and she's 5.49 kilos so it should cope with her weight easily, within one use of a trip to the vets the internal metal rods have come loose and it's now dangerous for me to use. Total waste of money.
12/28/16 | Cathie

Cosy but not so secure

This is very good for transporting either of my docile cats, but I would not risk the feisty Maine coon or a stray in it as it would be easy to force the top bit where Velcro is the only fastening. However with a small vet fleece in it they all love it as a cosy bed, sometimes I find 2 crammed inside so I am buying another!

Not secure to transport animals !

Although otherwise a nice product, the top is fastened by a peice of Velcro and a zip either side that have no 'stop'. My cat pushed her paw past the Velcro, was able to push the zips back with the force of her head and escaped into my moving car....under the pedals whilst I was on the motorway! I would not recommend this product if you need your pet to be secure inside !
06/15/14 | Sonya Scott

Excellent carrier

After using cardboard boxes for transporting chickens for ages, I opted for one of these pet carriers. It's brilliant. You can fit 2 chickens in comfortably and because it's mesh the airflow is excellent. It's very light and easy to carry, and folds flat for storage
05/11/13 | Emma

Great value

Great travel bag. Easy to carry. Easy to store too. Sadly our two ragdoll are getting a bit too big to go in together so may order another.
03/30/13 | Pumpkin

Please do not buy this for transporting a cat!!!!!!

A quality item at a good price. But the design is flawed. Fastens at the top with two zips (absolutely fine) and is then closed with a velcro tab. A quick push and your cat will be out of this in a flash. Please do not risk it. May well be fine for dogs but totally unsafe for cats.
01/08/13 | Andrea Martin-Wright

Great value

We have had this travel bag for 3 years now and we use it daily for our mini Dachshund who loves it, we have his cushion, blanket and some snacks in here and it is his safe place as well as his oh we are off on an adventure in the car space - there are times he just goes and lies in the bag waiting for us to get ready to go out as if to say hurry up! The bag sits on the passenger seat of the car and he can either look out the car window or go for a snooze, it means he can also sit on the passenger's knee in his bag. It is also good if we are out in town, he is carried in his bag and has a great time. Also handy for doggy friendly restaurants as he is happy in his bag under the table. The bag has endured a lot of use in the last 3 years, still in acceptable condition. Great value for money.
11/21/11 | Carole

Great Product

I have a bad back and cannot carry my cat in a conventional plastic carrier anymore. This carrier can be held closer to one's side with a shoulder strap and feels like a sports bag. Much easier -- I can even take my cat on the bus with no trouble.

Pet Carrier

I like this product the cat was safe and it wasn't as heavy as the plastic carrier i have. I would definetly recommend this product.

My kitten got easily out of it

I wish I had seen all the reviews and not bought this item! Our kitten got out of it in the space of 10 seconds.
10/17/10 | Sharon

Fantastic product

I purchased this carrier to transport my Maltese Terrier puppy home when we purchased him (78 mile trip), he loves it and as a consequence loves going out and about in the car. Excellent value for money am now going to purchase another two to store away in case it's no longer in production should I need to replace later.
07/19/10 | Miranda

Her favourite place

This carrier has been my little dog's home from home since she was a puppy. She still uses it today at 2 1/2 years old, and even sleeps in it at night. I've lined the bottom with a Vetbed, and she's comfy and cozy! Highly recommended and an excellent price.
07/14/10 | julie

highly recommend

Just transported my 10 week old kitten to her forever home and was so surprised that she quite happily got in and lay down. she was no problem at all and as it has 3 sides that she could look out of, transporting her was not a problem. if you had a small dog to transport it has a built in lead so dog cannot escape. fab fab fab.
05/08/10 | Rhea.

love it

I bought this for my cat after trowling through sites trying to find a canvas carrier. Could not believe the price!!!!! over half less than other sites. My cat loves it and has now made it her sleep bed once again well done zoo plus. And may I add very well made does not appear to be shoddy rubbish.
03/31/10 | Andrea Martin

Brilliant design and excellent value

I bought this bag for my miniature dachshund and it has been an excellent buy. When we are on the go it is used as a great dog carrier either over my arm or over my shoulder and when we are in the car I strap the bag in to the front seat with the top flap open and he curls up on his blanket in the bag and I know he isn't going to fall off the seat if I have to stop suddenly. I have used it as a bed if we go visiting as he can sit/sleep in it with the top flap open but still be contained and feel safe, pocket at the end for treats etc.
03/29/10 | Wendy

Very useful

I used this bag to take my two little cats on the tube, with two changes to the vets where my sister works. They were comfortable and safe and it was much easier to carry than a hardcase. The two of them are pretty snug in there so it is better for one if your cats are on the large side!
01/28/10 | Helene

Not tall enough

Although the quality of the product is excellent and good value for money, my cat hated the fact he could not stand up in it and became very distressed at having to virtually lie still when I placed him in it. He is an active cat who likes to move around. I currently have a large solid carrier which he is happy with but I wanted the convenience of one I could fold up when not in use.

My cat got out, too.

My fully grown cat can easily escape from this bag when it is closed and secured. The gap where the fastener is is too large. I do still have this bag because I don't have room to store a full size plastic carrier. However, I do have to make sure I secure the opening with strong masking tape the second I get my cat in the carrier or I have to spend another five minutes catching him again.

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