03/16/21 | Martina

Real food!

Simple and perfect, pure meat! My cats love all of the loins.

11/25/20 | Michelle


Our very fussy cat woofed this down in 3mins flat! Even the food she loves only gets 2 thirds eaten before she walks off & leaves some for later. She will certainly have some more of these in her Christmas stocking

11/25/20 | Leanne


My very fussy Eater wolfed this down

10/28/20 | Amy

Great product!!

Gave this to my 13 month old DSH and she lapped it up! Going to try her with the tuna and beef flavours as well but she will only have them as a rare treat maybe once a month. She only has wet food twice a week so it’s a nice changed instead of giving her a pouch on that day couldn’t recommend more but only given as a treat to their complete meal


Salmon loin

My cats can't get enough of this fish they love it

12/13/18 | sophie Ride

They go mad for it!!

My two little terrors get this once a week as a treat. I don't eat any fish myself so there are never scraps in the house. Therefore this is a great product for me. Mine came with an 18 months shelf life and the 3 pack i find is great value. it's able to be kept ambient and a great portion size for one. Also have in Salmon flavour.