Not good

Not firm nor steady enough. Neither of my cats liked it. Both tried but could not settle in it. I have just given it to charity


Absolutely useless

So annoyed I blew all my saved up points on this piece of rubbish. It looked good on the photos but the thing only fits the widest of radiators of which we have by luck one. My British short hair is way too big for this and the thing rattles like mad so scares the cat off anyway. Then when my partner was trying to adjust it to fit our one compatible radiator the metal actually snapped and he sliced his thumb open. At least it didn't skewer the cat I suppose. Utter tat. Avoid at all costs.

04/05/21 | CPL

Don't waste your points!

Glad i used points rather than money, as thiwas SUCH a waste. Doesn't fit the radiator properly. The arm screw threads are too big, so the arms keep falling off and the cats come crashing to the ground. The cover is very poor and sags badly when the cats sit in it, and this adds to the instability of the bed. Would avoid at all costs.


Very poor quality and design

Just received this and so its absolutely rubbish. sorry I used my points on this. it doesn't fit my radiators, is very unstable and the zip is broken on arrival and can't repair it. not a happy bunny and neither is my cat.

01/05/21 | Sue Howley

Steer clear

The metal parts are unstable. They shift about & make a horrible noise. The bed is too shallow & as there is no padding, some part of my small puss will be lying on the metal frame work. Only a kitten would be small enough to recline in comfort. I wondered why so many of these get given away on local freebie forums. Now I know. What a pity.



I have got this bed using my points and it was complete waste. It doesnt fit any of the radiators in our house, the design is very flimsy and the zip was broken while assembling the bed.

11/18/20 | Heidi

Poor design, only fits one kind of radiator.

I got this with my points and was very disappointed. It has a solid frame, but the fabric isn't that hard wearing. One of the ends of the frame poked through the fabric as I tried to put it over the radiator. It also only fits a certain width of double radiator, which we don't have. It won't fit our double, and leans down on our single. Glad I didn't have to pay for it...

10/31/19 | Matt


Does not fit a standard sized radiator

10/21/19 | Esther

Wasted reward points

I had saved my reward points to get this item, but I'm so disappointed with it. It seems like a nice idea but the design does not fit onto my slim radiators and the flimsy frame won't stay in place. Gutted to have lost all those reward points.


Poor design

I’m glad I got this free using my points, otherwise I would have returned it. It only fits on wide double radiators (hooks are too wide), and even then it is a crooked fit. I’ve put it on my only double radiator, not the room it was intended for, but I doubt my cats will use it as it does not feel stable enough :-(


Mr Mitchell

Please don't by this its a complete waste of money. I opened the packet and assembled (no instructions by the way) placed it on the radiator and it simply doesn't fit. I threw it straight in the bin where it belongs.


My cat doesn't like it

Hard to assemble and awkward on radiator. Worse than that, my cat won't use it!

03/12/18 | Nickie

Don’t bother

Rubbish doesn’t fit the radiator keeps falling off not impressed at all

02/02/16 | andrea handford

dont waste your money

just got this today and super dissapointed :( 1. my cat isnt huge, an abyssinian female and she barely fits in this - for kittens its ok, but an average sized cat? no way. the photo makes it look much bigger - no i didnt check measurements as i thought i was buying what was in the photo. 2. its way too flimsy, over time i can see the metal bending with the weight of the cat 3. the fabric already has holes in where stitching is loose and where metal frame pokes through when erected


Not as good as it used to be.

I bought first radiator bed in 2006 and it survived until 2014 in one piece and my cat is huge, 7.5kg. When material stopped looking presentable I decided to buy the same cat bad. What a mistake. Thinner frame, thinner material. After 6 months it has huge holes and only thing I can do with it is to throw it away.

11/18/14 | Isobel Hiom

Very poor quality, flimsy frame, small sleeping area, holes in cover, and it doesn't fit our radiators

Probably one of the worst products I have ever bought. The frame is made of thin and flimsy metal and is only suitable for kittens or very lightweight cats. The quality of the cover is thin and it is badly made - it arrived with a hole in one side and a split seam on the other. The sleeping area is too small for medium to larger cats, unless the cat doesn't mind hanging its legs off the edges. But, worst of all, it would not fit our radiators. Yes, it is adjustable but the arms can only be screwed out to make the depth even wider. It would probably fit on old fashioned deep radiators but it will not fit on modern slimline radiators as the arms are much too long.

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